Day Off (part 2)  

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3/18/2006 10:46 am
Day Off (part 2)

While Marie was still sleeping Jayson had some time to think of what else they could do for the day and he had a pretty good imagination and they had quite an arsenal of toys. They had got a swing some time ago and had not had much of a chance to use it with the kids being home all the time so he knew that was gonna be a part of the day. Jayson tried to be very quiet hanging the swing and getting all the toys he thought they might use for the afternoon of fun they were gonna have. After he got everything set he sat and waited for her to wake up until he could no longer take the anticipation so he figured he would wake her up the way she enjoyed the most. Jayson slid under the covers and wiggled his way up between her legs until his face was just inches away from her sweet pussy he so loved to eat her pussy. Jayson spread her legs open enough he could eat her pussy being careful not to wake her he didn't want her to wake up until he had his face buried deep into her sweet box. Jayson kept her pussy shaved smooth as well as his cock it made the sex all that much better and he loved to feel his tongue rub across her smooth lips and hard clit. Jayson pulled her lips open and put her clit in his mouth and started to suck gently then sliding his tongue across it back and forth then up and down before sucking it back into his mouth she started to moan lightly. He worked his tongue down her lips slowly sucking each lip into his mouth first one side then the other side until he got to the entrance of her love tunnel. He pulled her pussy open and put his thick wet tongue inside her and started to suck her sweetness into his mouth she moaned then wiggled as he finally woke her. Marie reached down and grabbed a handful of his wavy brown hair and ground her pussy into his face while she pulled the covers off his head so she could watch him devour her cunt and devour it she knew he would. She moaned again as he swabbed the inside of her pussy with his hot tongue she commanded him "suck my cunt you dirty fucker" he liked it when she took charge and talked dirty he could feel his cock start to grow again as she was grinding her pussy into his face and commanding him to eat her. Jayson was now starting to slide his tongue in and out of her pussy licking her from her asshole to her clit and she was bitting the air, gasping as he passed his hot tongue over her clit and her tight little brown eye again and again. She knew and so did he she could not hold out long before she was gonna give him what he wanted, so he slowed his assault on her cunt he was not ready for her to give him a drink of her love juice yet. Jayson lightly worked his mouth over to her thighs which were the color of cream and as soft as fresh bread he loved to kiss her all over her body and she responded with more grinding and moaning as he kissed his way down her right leg stopping at her knee lifting her leg to get to that sweet spot on the back of her knee then moving on to her toes. Jayson spent some time sucking on each toe not missing any and making sure none were jealous, he started to kiss his way back up her left leg again pausing lifting her leg to get the back side of her knee until he reached her sweet pussy. Her pussy was so wet and starting to drip her sweet juice out of it the sweet pungent odor was to much for him he had to dive back into her cunt mouth open tongue out he swabbed her inside and out sucking up all the sweetness she had making her create more to satisfy his thirst. He held her thighs in his palms and rotated her back so he good get a clear view of her tight asshole, he started to lick her tight little hole and she creamed as the pleasure was so intense she gasped as he ate her ass lowering her legs back down he continued to swab the inside of her cunt with his hot wet thick tongue. She grabbed the sheets and pulled them off the bed as he sucked her juices out of her wet cunt she moaned as he ate her pussy she could no longer take she screamed and ground her hips into his face. He knew it was time he was gonna get the drink of her that he had been waiting for and soon she was screaming flowing her sweetness into his mouth she was cumming so hard he had to fight her to keep her legs open she so he could drink all the sweetness she had to offer and he did until she begged him to stop.

(Stay tuned for part 3)

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