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9/23/2005 10:00 am

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Perhaps someone can shed some light on this for me. I dont see the whole point in all the BDSM Slave Master thing.

If i wanted to be thought of as a slave. I think i'd have no self confidence or be able to think for myself.

Now if i wanted to thought of as a master. I think id be cocky and self involved.

Whats the whole point in it anyway??

Shouldnt ppl be equals no better no worse than the other? Isnt sex supose to be 50/50?

You tell me...

Luv4u2cumNmeBum 43F  
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2/5/2006 1:59 am

Well the S can be Slave or just Sub, the Dom can just be the more aggressive not neccesarily spitefull there are really 2 different areas that can operate differently with the name BDSM you have Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masichism, You can have Bondage and Domination without the want and to inflict or be inflicted with pain. but some people really enjoy the feeling of being out of control and it heightens thier arousal.

Alot of subs say when they are being controlled by a good Master/Dom you go into a trance like state called subspace, and they relate the feeling as a strong orgasm and new way of feeling things done to them, normally increasing the intensity of the orgasms and sensations.

Most of the "professional" doms that I have met arent cock or even imposing in all cases. They typically intelligent and resourceful and they care for thier subs or slaves, Knowing thier slaves limits and likes and dislikes and balancing stretching thier boundries with thier safety and enjoyment.

Subs enjoy relenquishing control but typically have thier limits and its generally expected that thier limits will be respected. Typically they like there to be a dom, and have more enjoyment pleasing and being put in positions where they have little control, and the power play is there. With a strong dominate they will even test thier rules for the punishment etc.

A slave is generally one without any respectable boundries and in the way that they have given themselves completely to the service of thier master and will be often tested by being made to do things purely to show thier place. They purely are aroused by the act of pleasing and being told what to do, and generally love having thier physical body being tested. Slaves are more common in the S&M sense.

These are generalizations made from experience with quite a few people in the lifestyle, as with any group people have thier own unique reasons for why they like sex a certian way, and some like to be total opposites from thier daily life. Alot of Men and Women in power pay for domination, and bondage and domination dont always include sex, they are quite a few mistress's do thier business by demanding certian non sexual tributes from thier subs and slaves without ever making any sexual contact, and the sub/slave purely recieves thier enjoyment out of the praise or actions of the master after they complete thier act. its much more diverse and popular thing than you think

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