saturday night fun  

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4/17/2005 5:14 pm

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saturday night fun

It's about 11pm saturday night. i just got done hanging out with a couple of friends,im driving along i get a call from you asking if we could meet for some drinks,i say of course and to meet me at this bar called “secrets”, as im pulling up i see your there already waiting for me, as i start to open the door i notice you smilling at me your looking down at my legs, you say mmmm i cant wait to we are walking towards the bar you start to grab my ass and smacking it,telling me im in for some take me by the hand leading me towards the back into a private wash room... you start to run your hands up my skirt pulling off my panty hose,you reach up again removing my panties,you begin to grab my ass and pulling me towards you close. kissing my neck,you start to run your hands from my ass and around to my waist, lifting me up placing me on top of the sink.slowly you unbutton my shirt removing it, you start to reach behind my back removing my strapless so excited now for i know im in for a treat. You pull the back of my hair so gently asking me what i want, i smile at you telling you what ever you want to give .you start to kiss me hard making me grasp the sink behind me, i feel your hard cock pressing up agaisnt my upper thigh ,you start to move your hands slowly down my chest,caressing my breast's and pulling my nipples making them hard,i tell you im so wet from your touch,you start to move your hands down ward to my wet pussy,inserting a finger to feel the wetness,you say ohhh baby your so ripe i just want to taste your juices,you get a bit forceful with me spreading my legs for you to see all,you burry you face into my hairless wet pussy,licking my clit,bitting my clit making me moan,i pull your face towards me telling you to lick me deeper,taking you by the back of the head forcing you to eat me more,as your starting to lick a bit harder you start to slide 2 fingers deep into my wet pussy, i stop you for a moment asking you if i could masterbate for you. you look at me in a shocking way,saying ooooohhhh you want to be nasty,you bad girl, i start to slide my hands down towards my hairless pussy taking my finger and gently rubbing my clit with my legs wide open,looking at you telling you to lick my fingers as i go into my wet pussy,telling you to lick, to taste my juices .i start to get a bit wetter,telling you to finger me as i rub my clit,telling you to go in deeper,im starting to moan,moaning a bit louder,my clit feels so tender, it feels as if its going numb, i start to scream softly quivering as i touch my tender clit,telling you im gonna cum,,,,i tell you, i demand you to put your face into my wet pussy telling you to taste,im starting to cum, im moaning as your sucking my clit as im cuming....

you start to lift me down off the sink .lifting my skirt to show my bare smack me hard till my ass turns red you say to me im yours now im gonan f uck you hard and good.. i feel your hard cock rubbing up against my ass, you gently start to navigate your hard cock into my soaking wet pussy,ohhhh you make me moan, moaning because of how good it feels,you start to grab my hips a bit forcefully,as your hard cock goes deep into me,you start to slap my ass hard as your thrsuting up against my ass,rocking my hips back and forth,your asking me to talk dirty to you,telling me to tell you how i want you.... i tell you i want you to fuck me hard,to fuck me good,im telling you i want to feel your balls slap up against my telling you i want to feel you deep,telling you i want you to make me scream...ohhh your fucking me so hard now,it feels so good and im soaking wet,the sounds your hard cock makes as its slapping hard up against my wet pussy is turning me on, i ask you to slow down a bit and to stop,cause i want to suck your hard cock,,hmmmm i say to myself as im kneeling down in front of you ,of how big you are and how much i would like to satisfy your every need...i start to slide my lips onto your wet hard cock,your cock is so wet from my pussy... i start to lick your cock as if it was a sweet treat,,mmmm i like.i put my hand firmly onto your hard cock shaft holding it firmly. I begin to take my tounge,looking up at you licking the tip of your hard cock,teasing you with my seductive looks, i smiling at you a with a devilish grin..i start to take my mouth sliding it over your hard cock going down deep till i feel it hit the back of my thoart,sucking hard and fast,going up and down.faster and faster. I feel your hard cock pounding up agiasnt my thoart, i feel your cock getting ready to cum.. i start to go faster and faster. Im start to taste your cum,you taste so good.mmm Your cum is starting to run down my lips trickling on to my breast's,i look up at you saying mmmmm you were good......

you start to place me back up onto the sink,spreading my legs getting ready to go a fast second the door opens,its the bar maid,she looks at us going mmmmmm i like to join,she looks at you telling you that she only wants me at first,that she wants to taste my juices,she walks over to me pushing you to the side,she kneels down in fornt of me sliding her fingers into me,she watching my juices flow,running down her fingers,she pulls out her finger telling me to suck as she licks my wet pusy...mmmm it feels so good,she has me cuming fast from her touch. You get so excited you cant tell the bitch to get off me,telling her to get on the sink.....your grabbing my ass,putting my head into her pussy telling me to lick as you fuck me good.....ohhh god your going in deep, your ging so deep im pushing the bar maid into the wall making her scream ohhhhhhhh...........she starting to cumm,i can tast the juices flowing,,you get so excited you start to fuck me hard pounding your hard cock into my wet pussyimm starting to cum,cumming hard screaming as your pounding me,the barmaid is still cumming flowing as a river she is soaking wet ohhhhhhhh god we scream(i and the bar maid) its turning you on so bad you cant take the excitement you start to cum your grabbing my ass as you cum...your screaming ohhh god that was good....


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