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3/31/2006 2:46 pm

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Stood up

Well I'm sad to report that our previously mentioned new couple failed to meet us at the designated time. Very disappointed, oh well.

So there was only one thing for it and that was to have a little fun of our own. Taking my lead from last weekends exploits in a strip club I stole Keith's idea and took John in hand.

We walked up the stairs of a very well known Adelaide strip club and were greeted warmly by the lovely hostess. We found a comfortable lounge and relaxed. John expressed his gratitude for "my" good idea and we began watching the girls dance on stage.

While I wouldn't take up exotic dancing as a career option I do hold a healthy respect for the girls and guys who do it. It certainly wouldn't be an easy gig.

Our waitress came over and offered us a complimentary drink (very nice). She maintained eye contact with me the whole time and had such a lovely smile I found myself strongly attracted to her and getting very aroused.

It was an exciting feeling sitting in the club I was the only woman who wasn't being paid to be there and consequently was attracting a lot of attention from the patrons.

I really enjoyed watching a dancer named Skye. Her performance was original and she really engaged the audience with her on stage presence. She possessed all that you'd expect from a dancer, great long legs, excellent flexibility and a hot body. I was getting very wet and had a strong desire for some womanly love.

I asked our waitress if she could arrange a personal dance for us, she smiled and hurried off. Moments later after paying the fee, we were escorted to the VIP room, behind the stage (very cool). I now had a rear view of the stage from behind the two way mirrored back drop of the stage.

To my delight Skye was performing our personal dance and our waitress Amy sat on the couch next to me. Skye's body was incredible and she moved like a cat. I felt Amy rest her hand on my leg, this was going to be fun. Skye lay herself across John and I at one stage and I couldn't resist whispering in her ear that I wanted her. She smiled at me, and proceeded to kiss me on the lips. We held the kiss, exploring each others tongues for a while, she slid her hand up my dress and rubbed my pussy. I parted my legs and felt Amy start to kiss my neck and massage my breasts. I was getting so hot.

I couldn't believe my bad luck when we were rudely interrupted by one of the security men, who asked us not to touch the girls. Both Skye and Amy protested saying that it was ok, but this guy was adamant. It certainly took the edge of the dance. Oh well, we've got Amy and Skye's phone numbers and they seem quite keen to catch up away from work, I can't wait.

Love Jayne

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