So it begins  

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2/24/2006 9:07 pm

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So it begins

Well with camera setup, champagne in hand and very damp underwear, we began our first broadcast. I was so nervous, which looking back made me even more excitied i could feel my nipples hardening and my face blushing. Would any one watch?
I took a sip of wine and lay back on the bed, watching my oiled legs glisten on the screen, wondering if anyone would realise how I'd also oiled my ass while getting ready.
We posted a hello to the room and I gently stroked my leg, parting them to give just a glimpse of my inner thigh. The numbers poured in, and my pussy began to tingle, I love that feeling of expectation.
With 300 viewers eagerly posting notes, I had to excuse myself and remove my now throughly wet g string.
We decided as things were going so smoothly and I was getting to the point of spreading my legs and madly fingering my pussy on cam, I'd best get some relief. I sent him out for reinforcements. To my delight he returned with one of my favourite vibrators, a purple number with clit tickler.
I spread my legs wide and raised my hips as he pushed the vibrating head onto my clit and then eased it down and into my pussy. I usually have to really work myself up to get this toy in, but my wet pussy grasped it smoothly as it's length pushed into me. I nearly lost it when the clit tickler hit it's mark, what a rush. "I can't wait to do this again", I was thinking.
He worked my tight pussy hard for 5 minutes as I came twice and really made a mess of the sheets.
I thought he was taking my little friend away, to my dismay, when he gently rolled the vib over so the clit tickler pushed against my very wet and oily ass, WOW.... to be cont.(sorry)

So recounting this story has got me really hot again, I'll post again soon to update you on our next little show.

Well, here's the conclusion of the afore mentioned session.

With my pussy full of purple humming latex and my ass buzzing from the clit tickler I started to buck my hips uncontrollably, sensing my enormous climax approaching he licked his thumb and pressed my clit hard, while pushing the clit tickler into my ass and the vibe deeper into my pussy. With one last gasp and a flick of his thumb everything went blurry and my pussy and ass both began to spasm.

It all got a little fuzzy from this point, but I recall him occassionally flicking my clit and my subsequnet uncontrollable motions and soaking pussy. A great start.

Thanks for reading

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3/2/2006 10:30 pm

Well, thanks for reading

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5/5/2006 7:53 am

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