Sleep over (sort of)  

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3/11/2006 5:41 pm

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Sleep over (sort of)

For those of you who'd been waiting for news of my "hot date" here it is.

The guys dropped me home about 20 minutes ago after an excellent night. I'm sporting a very sore crotch from the following description of the nights and mornings activities. I received a whole lot more than I was expecting.

We met outside the Speigeltent in the "garden of unearthly delights" at the arranged time (cool he's puctual). He had a couple of friends with him and politley introduced me as a friend of his from uni, (he's a tutor). We had a couple of drinks and I was really enjoying the company of these three guys. They were flirty without being too over the top and their attention. Their polite questions combined with a steady flow of compliments really put me at ease.

As the night progressed the guys began to casually feel me up when the opportunity arose, this physical attention was getting me very excited.

One of the guys suggested we head to his apartment which was just on the other side of the city. I wasn't expecting to leave with all three of these guys but they had kept me so entertained and excited all night, so I agreed. My date politely opened the cab door and helped me in. As he slipped into the cab next to me I kissed him and rested my hand on his thigh. His friend on the other side of the cab started caressing my thigh and raising my dress a little. I parted my thighs slightly to signal my approval, and he took the cue by gently rubbing my pussy lips (no underwear). My date lifted my dress to expose my excited pussy to the whole cab. Their friend in the front seat turned around to watch as I raised my hips a little and let my head fall back and my eyes close.

In what seems like an ongoing trend the cabbie didn't charge us for the fare (obviously he enjoyed the show). I held hands with two of the guys as they escorted me to the apartment. I was so excited I could feel the wetness from my pussy between my legs as I walked.

The apartment was very well presented for a guys abode and one of the guys got some drinks while I started work on my date. I kissed him standing in the kitchen as their friend knelt behind me and started rimming my ass. I lifted my dress off to expose my tanned body (thanks to the solarium) and very erect nipples (lucky no body lost an eye). Before I knew it I was sitting on the kitchen table with a guy either side of me and one doing a great job of licking my pussy. The excitment overcame me and I orgasmed loudly, and received instant gratification from the guys.

Two of the three were completely naked and their hard penises were very enticing. The other guy still in his jocks, parted my thighs and slapped my clit several times with his hand, I nearly came again (I love it rough when i'm excited.) I started sucking my dates penis, the head of which was glistening with pre come. He only lasted about five minutes before his come splashed all over my breasts and tummy. I put on a bit of a show by wiping some of the come off my breast with my fingers and then licking my fingers clean.

I was startled when the guy between my legs lent down and licked some of his friends come of my stomach (very hot). This guy then lent across right infront of my face and started sucking off the other guys cock. I love to watch guys going for it and I insticively began rubbing my clit rapidly. After only a couple more minutes this guy came hard in his friends mouth, and I nearly climaxed again just watching and touching myself.

This young man then roughly pushed a number of fingers into my pussy and kissed my mouth. He ejected a large amount of his mates come into my mouth, which I wasn't ready for and some dribbled down my chin and onto my breats.

I was in ecstacy as one guy sucked on my nipples (which I love), another was roughly fingering me and I could feel lube being applied around my pussy and ass. I was repositioned and bent over the table.

I felt my pussy being really worked hard as one of the guys pushed what felt like his whole hand into me. I could feel lubricated fingers being slipped up my bum and I started licking and sucking the guys balls in front of my face.
My date satrted to verbalise what was happening to me and I really got off on the sound of his hot dscription. I was being fisted really hard while the commentator pistoned his index finger in and out of my lubed ass.

I felt the guys hand being removed from my pussy and I relaxed a little (fisting is great, but you can only take so much). I felt him position himself above my ass and rest one hand on my hips. The head of his penis pushed against my bum and then popped in. He drove his penis into me deeply and I felt his balls slap against my pussy. He assummed a quick rhythm and really pounded into my tight little bum.

The intense anal I was recieving casused me to nearly choke on the others guys cock as I did my best to find a medium between their thrusting. I felt my anal partner grab my hips and pull me aginst him hard. He came deep in my bum and immeaditely withdrew (nearly embaressed myself, Boys always pull out slowly!)

My date quickly mounted me and thrust his cock into me. As he pushed all the way into my ass I felt the previous guys come dribbling over my pussy. My date was very vocal about how wet and hot my ass was. He really fucked me hard for about ten minutes before pulling out gently and coming all over my back. Seeing this the guy in front of me came right in my face. I quickly put his cock back in my mouth and tried to catch as much as I could.

While the guys recovered I jumped into the shower. When I emerged a few minutes later, I heard the sounds of sex coming from the bedroom. One of the guys was thrusting his penis into his friends ass while the other guy was laying on the bed next to him getting some head. I watched for a moment and then joined them on the bed.

We spent the next 6 hours in and out of the shower, bed and each other. The boys have already started to text me with hot ideas for our next cultural outing, can't wait.

Love Jayne

ahotcoup2006 41M/38F
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3/12/2006 8:17 pm

Hi, thanks for your concern, It's just that I really hate condoms. They really put me off, I know it's not great and Ii guess I've been lucky. Guess I should re think with current stike rate.
Thanks Again.

rm_ynot5 47M
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3/19/2006 5:24 pm

Hi Jayne, sounds like a great time was has by all! I got quite hard just reading it, I wish there were just a fe more open woman like you that were willing to just enjoy all life's different sexual journey's!

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