Ok this is addictive, I think I need help  

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2/26/2006 11:25 pm

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Ok this is addictive, I think I need help

Hi again,
So I called in sick today, without telling him. (i.e. I wanted time to play on my own?).
Now I thought I'd spend a few hours around the house you know the deal, and maybe just a quick look on line to see what's happening.

Anyway, after watching some truly enormous cocks being pulled by their owners, and tuning into some very sexy ladies (colo) that includes you. You could say I had neglected my domestic duties.

Well there I am, cam on, legs spread , bullet buzzing furiously, watching several very hot members watch me. Oblivious to the world and enjoying my sickie in euphoric pleasure, when I hear him at the door early. "It couldn't be that late" I thought in a panic, anyway it was! and I had a choice to make. Do I jump up and try to feign chastity? (unlikely I know) Except a couple of things were working against me,

1. Underwear strewn across the room
2. The distinct smell of sex in the room after 6 hours solid masturbation
3. My disheveled appearance
4. My red swollen clit and three sets of batteries next to my lube covered bullet.

So I was caught, literally with my pants down. Now it might have been through desperation, not to get in trouble, although I do like a good spanking, from time to time. But i thought as he's a big tit man, I best present the merchandise, in the most sale-able manner. So I squirted a copious amount of lube across my breasts and caressed them to a glistening sheen.

Anyway as he walked past the door en route to the kitchen, he see's me naked, spread, glistening. I'm not sure what he was thinking but he certainly enjoyed making my sore little clit that bit more swollen.

I might need to call in sick again tomorrow, as I don't think I'll be able to walk.

ahotcoup2006 41M/38F
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3/2/2006 10:34 pm

Thanks for the encouragement

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