My Yoga teacher  

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3/22/2006 2:44 pm

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My Yoga teacher

I've recently started attending yoga classes on Tuesday nights after work. My girlfriend Jillian has been going for a while, we usually have take away (something healthy) after and generally catch up. I've never had sex with Jill but we are very close friends and quite intimate. She'll die when I tell her what I've been up to.

Our instructor in an older guy (I know I'm excited already too) about 45 I'd guess, as you'd expect he is lean and and while he's slim he's very muscular. He's tall about 5ft 11 (180cm) and has a great looking cock. That's one of the benefits of yoga, most people wear very little or very tight clothing. I understand it's to facilitate the stretching, anyway it's great for checking everyone out.

I wear tight low cut shorts and a bra top, I think I look really hot, I know my partner John likes it he asked me to leave it on last week and ride him (must be sexy).

So my sexy instructors name is Tim and I really want to fuck him. He's very flexible, confident and bald (I love shaved heads, and other things too)

As I'm new to yoga, he spends a little more time with helping me to get into the positions and explaining some of the basics. I know I've got his attention as I've caught him staring at me a couple of times and checking me out. Last week I asked him if he'd tutor me a little one on one, as I felt I was slowing things down in the class. He jumped at the opportunity.

He invited me around last Monday night after his last class.
I thanked him for his extra help as I arrived and hugged him, I felt his hand on my ass (good).
I set up my mat right in front of his and we began. He moved around behind and lent over my shoulder helping me with my stretch. His hands on my upper thighs. He asked me to concentrate on my breathing and guided me by placing his hand on my tummy, and asking me to close my eyes and breathe slowly. I was really relaxed.

I felt his hand slide down a little and rest just above my shorts. He used his other hand to lift me head slightly and then rested his other hand on my shoulder close to my breast. I was getting so horny, he must have felt my breath start to shorten. I felt back with my hand and touched his thigh. I traced my hand up his leg with some difficulty behind my back. I found his hard penis, stoking it through his tight shorts.

His hands moved and he started to rub my pussy through my shorts. I was so wet and lent back against him. I felt his hard penis push against my back. I sat up and removed my top, moving in straight away to pull down his shorts and I started to give him head. His penis was long and the head was bright red, He didn't have a hair on his body (very sexy). I worked my mouth up and down his cock taking him as deeply as I could.

He stood and removed his shorts and then mine. He laid me on the mat and spread my legs. He began going down on me. His tongue was probing into my pussy and I asked him to lick my ass. He snaked his tongue into my bum and I started to rub my little clit. He put his finger in my mouth and I sucked it hard. He then pushed his wet finger up my ass and started to push it in and out of me. I was furiously rubbing my clit and pussy and was close to coming. He pulled my hand from my clit and started to swirl his tongue across my clit, I started to come, pushing my hips toward him and bucking. He slapped my clit, hard, three times and I really went off, having multiple orgasms.

As I started to come down I asked Tim if it was ok that we only had anal sex and that he didn't fuck my pussy. He agreed.
He jumped up and ran into another room, returning with a bottle of baby oil. I rolled onto my hands and knees and Tim lubed my ass, rubbing oil into my buttocks and playing with my pussy. I felt him press his oiled dick against my ass. I pushed back hard and his slippery cock sank into me quickly, his balls slapping against my pussy. He groaned and told me how hot my ass was. He held my hips and started pumping into me.

He fucked my ass for about ten minutes before I felt his pace really quicken, he asked me where I'd like his come. "As deep in me as you can, Tim, fuck me hard" "I want your hot come in my tight little ass", with that he exploded, roughly grabbing my hips and rapidly slamming into my ass. He pulled me hard against him and I ground moved my ass in a circular motion against him. I could feel the warm sensation of his hot wet come in my ass. He stayed in me for a few moments before pulling out and toweling himself off.

I can't wait for my next Yoga tutorial.


haviddook 45M

3/24/2006 7:43 pm

I always wondered how anyone could get exercise out of I know.

ahotcoup2006 replies on 3/25/2006 7:33 pm:
You'd actually be quite surprised just how hard you work during yoga, even without the extra curricula activities

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