Marquee Style  

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4/17/2006 12:00 am

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Marquee Style

The guys had been flirting with me all day, and in true gambling style I decided to call their bluff. I stood from sitting in Ray’s lap and suggestively asked for two able escorts to accompany me to the betting ring. Ray was immediately upstanding as was his friend Josh, both young guys with that college look about them. Josh took one of my hands while Ray, who’d been feeling me up for the past twenty minutes placed his arm around my waist.

We strolled toward the betting ring and Ray continued to feel my ass, he forwardly asked me “aren’t you wearing any underwear?”. I smiled at him and explained that my dress was far too slinky nickers. I was feeling particularly horny, after drinking a lot of champagne and flirting with the boys for most of the afternoon, so I made my move.

I lead the boys up the hill a little, to behind the hospitality tents. As soon as we stepped behind one of the larger white marquees, Josh was in my face kissing me. He was a terrible kisser and tasted like stale beer. I pushed him away and decided to take control. I explained to the guys that I wanted them to get me off and that the ability to follow directions would be essential. They were eager to get a piece of me and agreed to follow direction. I pushed Josh to his knees and ordered him to start licking my clit. I slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders and slid it down to my waist, exposing my breasts and erect nipples. Ray immediately began sucking one while lifting my dress to play with my ass.

Josh was wetly licking away at my pussy with no real idea of where to find my clit. I was getting frustrated and asked him to go and get a chair for me to sit on. While he slipped back around the marquee to look for one, I turned my attention to Ray. I dropped to me knees and took his penis from his pants. It was hard and bright purple, I started to swirl my tongue around the head and then took him deep in my mouth. His moans of approval urged me to take him deeper. Just as I was getting into it, with Ray deep in my throat, Josh returned with the chair. He directly dropped his trousers and presented his penis for me to suck as well. I withdrew Ray’s penis from my mouth and licked at the head of Josh’s cock, before taking him into my mouth deeply, he had pre come dribbling from penis and I could tell from his shudders that he wouldn’t last long.

I paused for a moment and sat my phone on the chair to take the attached snap (what dedication to the cause, I know) The guys thought this was very kinky.

I then sat on the chair and asked Josh to kneel in front of me. His face was centimetres from my pussy. I showed him exactly where my clit was and gave detailed instructions and a quick demo of the motions he should make upon it. The tutorial paid dividends and his oral attention had renewed purpose. Ray stood next to me and I continued giving him head.

Ray politely asked if he could lick my pussy. I agreed and was delighted by his strong tongue and use of pressure on my clit. Josh stood next to me and I stroked his cock while playing with his balls. I felt his balls tense in my hand and sensed he was about to come. I quickly took the head of his cock in my mouth and continued pumping his penis. He came hard, and in great volume. I swallowed what I could and the rest dribbled down my chest, conscious not to get it all over my new dress I made a bit of a show of wiping it up with my fingers and then licking my fingers clean.
Ray continued to work on my clit, and I was approaching climax. I asked him to wet his finger in my pussy and push it into my ass. I lifted my hips a little to allow him better access. He began pushing his finger into my ass, and I could feel the orgasm building. I lifted my legs and asked Josh to move behind me and hold my ankles. As I started to come I moaned to Ray to insert more fingers. I came hard and nearly fell from the chair. Ray continued to finger my ass and gently kept licking at my clit as I came down.

Josh released my ankles and I went to move onto my knees to help finish Ray off, when a security guard stepped around the corner. We quickly composed ourselves and brushed past him laughing.

As we made our way back to the picnic, I asked Ray if, he’d like me to finish him off. To which he replied “it’s ok babe, I came when you asked me to finger you’re ass” I smiled at him and whispered into his ear “I want your come deep inside my ass”.

I gave him my mobile number before the girls and I headed off to our car, so hopefully I’ll get the chance to feel his tongue on my clit again, and with any luck his cock in my ass.


EverReady343 48M

4/17/2006 6:35 am

Monday was a Real shocker so I cancelled Oakbank. Sounds like you had a good one.

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