Oh So Much but Oh So Little  

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4/25/2006 3:12 pm

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Oh So Much but Oh So Little

A recurrent theme in my blogs so far has been my discontent with being a standard member. This one is no different.

As a standard member, I'm having to get creative with making myself known so to speak. I started this blog as a way for people (especially those who couldn't view my profile) to know more about me. I've had 2 comments through my blogs and I greatly appreciate them!

I also joined some groups in the area to try to get myself out there. I've made a few posts to briefly introduce myself and seek some fun through that. Absolutely zero luck there so far.

With so much effort invested and so little response, I can't help but wonder what more I really need to do. I really am lost as to why I am told I'm attractive and then come up empty here. To date, I've only met one person off of AdultFriendFinder and I had fun but I'm just surprised that there hasn't been a little bit more response. I'm not expecting to be one of the most popular people. I'm just thinking that I would have had a little more luck than I've had so far.

My answer probably lies in the fact that I'm a single male and apparently that's not a desirable trait on this site. It seems that most profiles I see are looking for bi-females, couples, and NO SINGLE MALES!!!!! That's sorta my view in a nutshell. I challenge the ladies or M/F couples to change my mind.

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