Another rant  

agentorange1022 43M
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4/16/2006 9:15 pm
Another rant

Recently, before my silver membership expired, I was checking out some profiles of locals and sending some e-mails to those that got my attention. I'm beginning to realize how many fakes there are on this site. They come across real and then you get a response. That response then includes a non-AdultFriendFinder e-mail address. So that's great...or so you think. Then a reply from their non-AdultFriendFinder basically just tells you to sign up for some other site. How lame! So, in the end, you're back where you started! Wanting to have some fun, and no one to have fun with! How frustrating! Now that I'm a standard member (temporarily of course), it fortunately has allowed me to take a step back, and put the burden on others to contact me if interested.

So anyways, those who are interested, should e-mail me at my yahoo address (same handle as here) and I promise I won't persuade you to sign up for a lame porn site. The only porn site that I would want to invite you to is in my bedroom!

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