Ups and downs  

adventuresome72 45M/49F
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4/29/2006 12:06 am
Ups and downs

Continuing to exchange some mails with some very nice people. I guess I'm still in the information and advice gathering mode.

It certainly is nice to get kind words from supportive people! I guess the internet is a great venue for this... it's not like you can just go up to just anyone and ask them for advice about swinging.

So that's been a big plus recently.

Life's pretty busy for the wife recently though, so she's not being very responsive. It's hard to talk about stuff when stress is in your life -- I don't want to push her, so currently the brakes are on I guess. /shrug.

Life has it's "up's and down's," the trick is how to turn that into "in's and out's." Hehe, you can quote me on that one. KN 2006

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