Back in Japan  

adventuresome72 45M/49F
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7/8/2006 8:38 pm
Back in Japan

So, I'm back in Japan!

My visit to Canada was productive, I had a bunch of fun, and picked up some fun gifts for the wife (and me I guess).

I also got myself a fairly huge present... that being: I had a Vasectomy done.

"www. nsv. ca" [remove spaces] if you live in Vancouver.

Was fairly fast and easy, no needles, no scalple, just ~15min. procedure.

I'm still a little delicate, but that's more a psychological hold-over I'm thinking... I'm totally OK with it conciously, but I guess man's instinct to reproduce is still alive and well in me... well... now it's dead I guess! LOL!

Anyways, have to wait a few weeks for the test to see if I fail (where I want to fail spermcount test!). Woot! Gonna have lots of fun with the wife once I get the green light!!

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