Trixie's sexual life part 1  

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Trixie's sexual life part 1

Trixie had just graduated high school, and was only 2 months past her 18th birthday. She had always been terribly shy, and because of that, she had only ever had one real boyfriend. She had been out with a few others before him, but as soon as they had tried to touch her, she would leave. She recalled more than once having to walk home from a guy's car, just to avoid any sexual contact.

Her boyfriend Alan was every bit as shy, and his intentions had always been honorable. Now that Trixie had approached the point in her life of wanting sex, it bothered her. She wished that someone would show her about the things that she had only heard about. She would try to get Alan going on their dates, but no sooner had she began to get him aroused, he always stopped her. She often wondered if he masturbated after each date. She certainly had, and would have willingly helped him out.

Near the end of June, Trixie was in the yard when she noticed the moving truck pull up next door. She was wearing bikini bottoms and a tank top that showed off her full tits. She was rather proud of her 36C’s. They were firm, with extremely sensitive nipples. She watched the moving men get out and go around to the back of the truck. One of them yelled something towards the house, and then the front door opened. The man that came out of the house was at right at 6’ tall, with black hair. He had a body that looked muscular, and strong looking legs. Trixie often found her self staring, and also more than a little bit excited.

Due to her limited past, she had never seen an actual man's private area before, only in a couple magazines. Even though she did not have any real sexual experience, she masturbated daily, sometimes more than once. Unconsciously, her left hand started to rub her belly, and her right hand grazed over her top. She then realized what she was doing, and stopped before she got carried away. Trixie knew then that she had to meet him. She smoothed her blond hair, and walked to the driveway next door. The closer she got to the man, the better he looked.

“Hello,” the man said when he saw her. “You must be my neighbor. I’m Eric.”

“Uh...hi, I’m Trixie. I...uh...wanted to come over and check you…I mean meet you.”

“It's nice to meet you too.” Eric replied as he looked her over.

“Are you here alone?” Trixie asked, and hoped she didn’t sound too eager.

“No I’m not. I moved here with my wife. Why don’t you go inside? I’m sure she would like to meet you.”

“Oh.” Trixie responded a little disappointed. It was just her luck. But she decided to be polite, and walked to the front door and knocked. A female voice from inside invited her in. When she entered the house, Trixie saw a pretty red-headed woman with a body Trixie thought put hers to shame.

“Hello. I’m Cassie.”

“I’m Trixie.”

“Have a seat. I'll go get you a soda.”

Trixie sat down on the sofa, and felt what could almost be described as lust for a woman. Cassie was certainly sexy; there was no doubt about that. Her nipples were hard, and ached to be fondled. Since Cassie had not returned, Trixie slowly rubbed between her legs through her bikini, and teased her breasts with the other hand. Then she slipped her hand inside her bikini bottoms and touched her clit. She gasped quietly with the contact. Unintentionally she approached a rapid orgasm, but was interrupted by a soft voice.

“Hey that looks fun! Can I help?”

Trixie pulled her hands away and looked towards the voice, almost in fright. A few feet away stood Cassie. Trixie turned red, embarrassed by being caught. Cassie sat down next to her, and sat the soda on the table beside them.

“It saw what you were doing, and didn’t want to bother you,” Cassie said. “But when you reached inside your bikini, I felt the need to do the same thing. Then I thought maybe we could pleasure each other?”

Trixie did not know what to think. This woman had offered to assist her, and she was unsure how to take it. With a deep sigh, Trixie leaned over and kissed her. It started out soft, and then quickly became urgent as tongues explored. Hands tenderly fondled each other’s tits. Cassie removed her shirt and shorts, and posed naked. She was certainly not shy in the least. And she had no reason to be. Her breasts were a good 38C, and below her waist was a light patch of red pubic hair. Trixie also kept her bush natural, and considered her natural blonde curls rather sexy. Cassie then helped Trixie remove her bikini bottoms and tank top. Trixie knew that she wanted to kiss Cassie’s tits. She licked downward from her neck, and headed towards the soft mounds of flesh. Cassie moaned in pleasure at the 1st contact of Trixie's lips, as they kissed and licked her entire breast ending at the nipple. She put the nipple in her mouth and gave it a playful bite.

“OH, yes!” Cassie moaned. “Suck my nipples...”

Trixie did as she was asked, and eagerly switched between Cassie’s breasts. After a few minutes, Cassie couldn’t take anymore. She slipped to the floor, positioned Trixie in front of her, and slowly spread her legs. She kissed her knee, and then worked her way up towards her real target. The sensation of Cassie’s soft lips on her skin was better than Trixie could have hoped for. She was finally going to get sexual attention from someone. The fact that it was from another woman did not even matter at that point. Trixie often had looked at the girls in her gym class showers. She always admired the different shapes of their breasts, and types of pubic hair. She had even fantasized more than once about making out with a female. Now that was going to become reality.

Trixie begged, “Oh yea, please... Cassie…Lick me...Make me cum hard!”

Cassie's tongue delved between Trixie’s legs, and savored the taste. She had been sexually involved with several women in her past, and knew exactly how to please them. She could tell that it was the 1st time for Trixie to experience girl to girl sex. And that made her even more determined.

“MMMM, you taste so good!” she said.

Each movement caused Trixie to squeal with pleasure. Cassie reached between her legs and rubbed her own clit. Trixie's only thoughts were the sensations that Cassie’s tongue gave her. She was not even concerned if anyone heard them. After a few more minutes, Cassie stopped and slid them both to the floor. Cassie then positioned herself over Trixie’s mouth. The blonde knew what she expected, and worried about not being able to do it good enough. Trixie figured she could wing it, and hopefully do it right. She nervously licked the redhead's clit, and felt Cassie shudder at the contact. Trixie copied what Cassie had done to her, and pretty soon, Cassie was also moaning at the sensation. As Trixie continued to orally pleasure her new friend, Cassie's body shuddered uncontrollably.

“Oh Yes!” Trixie cried out minutes later. “Yes, that’s it. Cassie then worked as hard as she could to quickly get the young blonde off. They licked each other at a fevered pace, as they rolled around the floor. Their mouths remained firmly attached to each other every second.

Cassie lifted her head and called out, “Oh yes…oh yes! I’m cumming sweetie!

In unplanned perfect timing, both women came at the same time. Trixie felt the first wave hit her like an explosion, and drove herself harder against Cassie’s mouth. Cassie’s body rocked her body as Trixie's tongue sent her into orgasmic pleasure. It was five minutes before either separated, and looked at the ceiling.

Trixie finally said, “That was the most sensational experience I’ve had!”

“Oh, I know. It was great!” Cassie said. “I really never thought I would make it with a woman.”

“Can we do this again?” Trixie asked.

“Wait," Cassie replied. "First I have to catch my breath."

“That sounds good. But this time, I’m joining in,” they heard Eric say.

Trixie had just experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life, and had even made another woman cum. And now she was about to find out what sex would be like with a man. She felt nervous, but also highly aroused. She knew there was no way she would be able to refuse the offer.

Eric closed the door and said, “I told the driver away to come back tomorrow with the rest of our stuff. I always knew you liked women honey. And Trixie, you are hot! I think we are going to have a great time.”

“Rested enough now?” Cassie asked Trixie.

“Oh yea, totally,” Trixie replied. Both women walked over to Eric, one on each side of him. Trixie caressed his chest as Cassie kissed his lips and grabbed his crotch.

"Get his pants, will you sweetie?” Cassie asked.

Trixie got to her knees, and unzipped his pants. She was surprised to see that he wore no underwear. When she first saw his pubic hair, Trixie stopped for a moment, and kissed his lower stomach. Then with trembling fingers, she pulled his pants down. This would be the first time that she saw a real cock, and was very eager to see what would happen. Since she had used a vibrator for the last year or more, she was accustomed to having something inside her. She exposed his cock and gasped. It appeared to be almost seven inches long, and not even fully hard. She reached out and tenderly cupped his balls. Cassie had already removed his shirt, and she lightly pinched his nipples. Eric’s hands reached over and massaged his wife's soft breasts. Her curiosity took control, and she planted a kiss on the head of his cock. Eric lurched forward a little, and pushed the head past Trixie’s lips and into her mouth. Trixie was at first shocked, but quickly recovered. She closed her eyes, pushed her head forward, and took over half of his shaft into her mouth. She slowly started an in-and-out rhythm. Eric and Cassie kissed each other passionately, as he tried to guide his cock deeper into Trixie’s mouth. She gagged a little, and then removed her warm lips.

"Easy there big boy," Trixie said politely. This is the 1st time I've tried this."

"Are you still a…? Eric started to say.

“Virgin…? Well, yes, but I am 18, by a couple of months," Trixie responded. She then resumed sucking Eric’s cock, and also gently fingered Cassie. Her sexuality was at a high peak, and yet she wondered just how far she would actually go. Her parents had never discussed sexual matters with her. She had only read books on the subject, and heard about events from a few of her friend’s dates. Trixie withdrew her lips until only the head remained in between them. Soon Eric’s knees buckled, and he grabbed her head for support.

“For a virgin, you sure are doing that fine," Eric complimented.

Trixie once again stopped her actions, and replied. “Thanks, I've read books and practiced with my vibrator. Now can I watch you do that for him Cassie?"

The redhead quickly took over, guided Eric onto the floor, and took his cock completely in her mouth. Trixie was surprised at the ease in which Cassie deep throated him. She vowed to herself to learn that technique soon. Trixie then straddled Eric’s head, facing Cassie. He eagerly licked her, and brought one hand up to her tits and squeezed them. Trixie felt his tongue work expertly between her legs, and she knew he could get her off very quickly. Cassie took his cock out of her mouth, and then lowered herself onto his long shaft. She raised and lowered with a gentle rhythm on her lover's cock. For several minutes, they continued. Trixie watched eagerly as this couple made love just a few feet away. It looked so sensual, and beautiful.

Then Cassie called out, “Oh, god, Eric...I’m gonna cum real soon! Fuck me honey…Oh yes!” Eric bucked his hips, which drove his cock deeper into his loving wife. He felt the stirrings of his own orgasm building rapidly.

“Oh yea, Now” Trixie screamed, “I’m cumming!” Trixie's slim body shivered with her climax. If she would have rated the orgasm from Cassie's tongue as a 6, then Eric's efforts certainly deserved an 8. Just over an hour before, she had only dreamed of getting sexual release from someone other than herself. And now she had, by both a guy and a girl.

“Oh, fuck!” Cassie screamed. “Oh! Oh I’m Cummminnnggg!”

Just as her climax ended, Eric's happened. Several streams shot deep into his mate. Both women rolled off him, and they licked his cock clean. Trixie found the taste exhilarating, and decided right off that she liked it. Eric moaned as the women licked his cock like a lollipop.

“Ladies,” Eric said. “I’m spent.”

“Not too much I hope,” Cassie said, with a sly grin. “There’s one person in this trio that hasn’t been laid yet, and I think it is time to introduce her to the pleasure.”

Trixie felt a little apprehensive, but excited about the idea of finally having sex. Watching them had been so erotic. Right or wrong, she fully realized she needed it too. She also knew then that her life would never be the same.

Cassie led the way to the back of the house towards the bedroom. The bed had already been set up. It was a four-poster, and made of mahogany. Cassie continued into the bathroom on the other side of the room.

“Come on in girl,” she said. “Let's get cleaned up for Eric." Trixie knew their little tryst had left her extremely satisfied, but also sweaty. Cassie turned the shower, and they both stepped in. Trixie washed her body as Cassie did her hair, then they switched places. In about 15 minutes, both women stepped out, and dried each other off. When they walked back into the bedroom, Eric was on the bed naked, his cock fully hard.

“I was wondering when you two would finish up in there,” he said with a grin. Trixie almost felt unsure. Even though her arousal level was high, going all the way was a huge step for her. Eric approached her, and offered a big hug. He then picked her up and carried her to the bed, and gently laid her down. As he climbed into bed with her, Cassie sensually stroked her long red hair.

“Trixie, if you are uncomfortable with this, we can stop right now,” Eric said.

“No, I want this,” Trixie said softly. Eric lowered his head and kissed Trixie as his hand cupped her soft breasts. Cassie slowly played with herself, as she watched her man with their new neighbor. Trixie’s hand found Eric’s cock and stroked him with a steady rhythm. She loved how it felt in her hands, hard, yet with such soft skin. Soon Eric laid her down on the bed and positioned the head of his cock at her opening.

“You sure you are OK with this?” he asked.

“Yes, Please…do it,” Trixie replied. His cock was longer and thicker than the vibrator she had used, so she knew she would soon be filled deeper than ever before.

Eric slowly guided the entire length of his hard shaft inside Trixie. He held motionless inside her until she adjusted to his size. Cassie stroked her new friend’s hair and kissed her nipples. Trixie felt a loss of innocence, as his cock remained buried deep within her. Trixie began to move her body against his, and Eric slowly slid his cock in and out of her. Trixie matched his motions with her hips. Soon Eric turned her on her side and re-entered her from behind. The sensations were wild. Trixie laid there, her eyes glazed, and moaned softly. Suddenly, Eric withdrew and asked her to get on her knees. Cassie took the opportunity to place his cock in her mouth momentarily. She continued to pleasure herself as she sucked his hard erection. She then lay on her back underneath Trixie. Eric knelt down behind, and inserted the full length of his cock into Trixie. Cassie licked Eric’s balls from underneath as he made love to their new neighbor. Eric enjoyed every second. He had just become the 1st man in Trixie’s sexual life, and the feel of Cassie’s tongue on his balls drove him wild with sensual feeling.

Trixie gasped, and pushed herself back against him with every stroke. Cassie fingered herself rapidly as she watched her lover slide in and out of the pretty blonde, just a few inches above her face. Eric used every ounce of will power available to prevent finishing too soon. He had to completely stop a couple of times just to keep going. Finally after over 10 minutes, he knew there was no more holding back.

“Oh yes” Eric yelled. “I’m going to cum girls!”

“Sweetie, do you want him to do it inside you or pull out?” Cassie asked.

“Inside me please, I’m on the pill.”

Then she felt Eric’s sperm shoot deep into her. As he filled her with his seed, Trixie was so grateful to have finally had sex. All of a sudden, she climaxed hard just as he finished shooting inside her. It had happened; she was no longer a virgin. Even though she had wished in some ways that her 1st time had been with a steady boyfriend, she was still very content with the events of the day. Eric slid out and placed his softening cock into Cassie’s mouth. She eagerly tasted both his cum, and Trixie’s.

“How are you feeling?” Cassie asked Trixie.

“I feel wonderful, just wonderful.”

Trixie hoped that she would do it with them again several times before leaving for college in the fall. And as she basked in the afterglow, she looked forward to her future.

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