What's a young hot male to do? MFM politics.  

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3/5/2006 11:12 pm

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What's a young hot male to do? MFM politics.

This was a few weeks ago. I was at a swing party and finishing a drink when I noticed this sexy woman hanging near the private rooms. She is talking to a young man who resembles one of the top 10 hunkiest men in the tabloids.

As I walk up, she places her arm around me. We gaze into each other's eyes, then, without the slightest introduction, I find myself cupping her breasts in my hand and teasing them with my tongue. Lightly licking around the edges of her rosy nipples.

The young hot stud follows my lead. My lips rest around her pink aureole. I began a gentle, but silent, slurp while continuing the action of my tongue on the edge of her nipple.

He does the same.

We hear her purr.

She removes her arm from the hunk and leads me into a small room. I'm preparing for a male/female/male 3-some, since I actually find them enjoyable. I love looking at the face of you when I, and another, are teasing your ears. Our tongues going into each opening so you only hear the oceans of your mind.

I've never been inside a woman while another man has been. It was always first one, then the other. I wonder what it would be like with both of us in you? At the same time? With one, possibly limpish for comfort, in the anus while I am in front, entering you and making sure I enter your dreams, as well as your flesh.

Of course, if anal is not your thing, we can both be in your vagina. Your natural lubricants keeping us hard. Stiff and Erect. Sliding and moving within your temple of earthy delights.

My fingers drumming on your neck. We kiss. Mouth lightly open. Waiting for you to enter with your tongue. My hand gently nudges you to the hunk, whom you also enjoy as we both bask inside your loveliness.

That was not to be that night, though. She just wanted me. I still remember her gentle handjobs with the tasty lubricant, then licking my shaft, getting longer and harder, then I stood up. My hand on her hair, gently pulling her up for a soft kiss, before she worked even more magick.

When I left, hot young stud had left the building. I really wouldn't have minded. There's something magical about a woman between two males, enjoying the attention that is so rightfully hers.

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