Trying Not To Forget. . .  

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3/30/2005 5:38 pm

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Trying Not To Forget. . .

My thoughts drift back to sexual encounters past. Now where the dickens was that ghost in A CHRISTMAS CAROL?

In my younger days, it was a big thing to count how many girls you had sex with. Except, of course, in my circles, which was largely composed of fundamentalist christians of the baptist persuasion. In that case, your measure of worth was decided by how many souls you saved.

Funny, to this day I see a parallel between 'saving souls' and 'making notches in your post'. Neither side really cares about what happens after the fact. I'd delve further into that, but it would distract from the purpose of this blog: to get my sex life straight. . .to myself.

If any strangers happen to be reading my thoughts, any suggestions, tips, kudos, it will all be welcome.

I joke about ADD, but I really don't think I have it. I'm just overwhelmed by how much info I get about people and events, day in and day out. All these new things seem to cloud my old memories.

I've never been one to confide dark sexual urges to my friends, but AdultFriendFinder really is a different animal, isn't it? I can talk to you, can't I?

Well, I will indulge stories about my past. If they arouse you, I am pleased. Mainly, though, I will tell these stories for myself.

These are the stories my subconscious tells me every night. Not so I can be happy in numbers, but so I will not forget.

These are simply notes to myself.

Will write more when I get in a relaxed state. . .

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