Something Different  

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6/21/2006 6:44 pm

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Something Different

This is set in a hotel suite or an apartment, in the living room on the couch and is very unfinished.

I get two drinks and set them on the table. The woman, I meet at the bar, sits down on the couch and I sit beside her. We chat for a while, until our hands meet reaching for a glass. She takes my hand into hers and pulls me close and I kiss her. It is a gentle kiss and leaves the air around us crackling with expectant energy. She pulls away, and leans back against the edge of the couch.

I follow her, placing my arm around her and my hand on the small of her back. I kiss her again, with a little more urgency in my kiss. I kiss my way across her lips and down her chin and across her neck slowly. I gently kiss back along the line of her neck until I reach ear. I reach out with tongue and pull her ear lobe into my mouth and gently nibble at it. Then I blow softly across the back of her neck, and kiss my way back to her mouth.

I can feel her warm breasts hardening, pressing against me from under dress. I pull her closer, kissing her passionately tasting her lips as they press against mine. I run my had across her back and up the front of her clothes until it rests on her breasts. With my hand on her breast, I work my way to teh top of her dress kissing as I go. I move my tongue down the line of her dress stopping just between her breasts. I slowly wrap my arms around her and pull her up and closer to me, stopping when her nipple is in reach of my mouth.

I gently take her nipple between my teeth and and use my tongue to massage it through her dress. I run my hand down her back and out across her leg. I bring it back across her knee and up the inside of her leg stopping just as it reaches the inside of her dress and move it to the outside and up her back again. She places her arms around me pulling me even tighter into her chest. She leans her head back and smiles with pleasure as I continue to tongue her breast.

My hand reaches for the back of her dress and I undo the button and lower the zipper down her back. Her dress falls loose about her soulders exposing more of her skin to me. Underneath her bra straps are exposed and the tops of her breasts. I bring her down and kiss the newly exposed flesh. Letting my kisses trace the edge of her bra, I place my hand on her shoulder. I caress along the line of the open dress on her back and then slide the shoulder of her dress down her arm a little farther .

She runs her hand down my back and then up the front of my shirt. Her fingers work to unfasten the top button. Then she undoes the next button and the next until my shirt hangs loose about me. We press together, flesh to flesh. I place my hand on her elbow and slowly draw her arm out of her dress then I take the other arm out the same way. Her dress falls to a heap around her waist. She places her hands on my neck, her fingers under the collar of my shirt. She slides her hands apart and down my back taking my shirt with it.

I pull her closer pressing my chest against hers letting our skin touch and feeling it turn to fire. I slide my hand along the line of her bra until I reach the clasp. I kiss her hard up on the lips my tongue exploring the inner reaches of her mouth. I open the clasp on her bra and slide it off her shoulders and down her arms, letting it fall into her lap. I feel the press of her rock hard nipples now pressing against my own chest and the sensation is electric
for both of us.

I pull her closer and glide my tongue down her chin, across her neck and down between her breasts. With my hand I lift her in the small of her back and slide my other hand down side taking her dress with it until I reach her panties I circle my tongue around her nipple and then dart it across several times, causing her to shiver. I switch my hands and run the other side of her dress down to met her panties. I kiss my way to her other breast and kiss it. I pull it into my mouth and roll it with my tongue.

I grab both hands and slowly kiss my way down her stomach stopping just at her panties. I move my hand down her side again, down her leg and across her knee. I bring hand up again on inside of her leg. This time I do not stop at her dress. I slide my hand under her dress all the way up the inside of her leg and back down on the inside of her other leg.

to be continued, maybe...

rm_hawkmom1 42F
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6/20/2008 2:39 pm

You should finish. It sounded good so far. The only problem is the lady in the bar should have known not to wear panties!

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