The Parts of Me You Could Be Kissing  

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1/31/2006 5:51 pm

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The Parts of Me You Could Be Kissing

Standing in front of the mirror, I checked all my features, one by one. Soft, large green eyes and long black eyelashes blink back at me. A closer look at my face and I see a small mouth with an upper lip that is a bit smaller then the more plump bottom. A hint of blush wine red tints them in perfect meticulation. Overall, I have a round or oval face with some signs of creases around my cheeks, but they quickly disappear when I smile. Smile,... how the face changes. It now becomes a sweet face. Not gorgeous but I see something there when a slow smile gathers.
My neck is long and I can now see the details of my collarbones that slightly indent along my shoulders. Pale, porcelin skin but with a sprinkle of tiny freckles deeper and lower along my chest. As I open my shirt, I see the curve of firm breasts. They are round and still high on my chest wall. No cow utters here. lol! Thank goodness.
As I glasp my hand over each breast, it becomes way more then I can hold. I feel the small soft plumb and suppeal nipple under my fingertips. How different it feels from my skin. Much softer and almost glossy like. To my touch, I feel tiny sensations that lead down to my crotch. My eyes close and for a minute, I feel his touch. How I miss him. Aching for that tenderness and slow passion. I open my eyes and realize that I have thrown my head back, engaged my neck to one side and arched my back as to thrust my ripe swollen breasts and hard tits out,... beckoning him. Just touch me.
A warm sensation flows over me. My left hand pushes open the shirt and gathers along my stomach and naval. I have an inney they call it.
Still smooth and I can see the hint of my rib cage as I take in a long slow breath. My hand explores more and I can feel the curves along my sides. No ripples, just smooth unending curves that rise and fall in even valleys and hills along my breasts, stomach and hips.
Oh yes, I have hips. I am all woman and not ashamed of it. Pushing up the tail of my shirt and turn slightly around and look at my ass in the mirror. hum, tear drop shaped. Smooth and rounded. Thank goodness it doesn't sag. I love the feel of hands stroking me there. I remember laying on top of him after riding him hard and feeling him stroke me. How he pushes me, my ass into his hard cock that is growing deeper and deeper inside me. Every now and then he would slap it. A giggle and then a long moan always escapes me. Makes me wiggle around on him too. And then I return to my squat and holding on to his strong shoulders, I gently move up and down so he can see his cock appear and disappear inside my soaked cunt.
My thighs are somewhat long and need some slimming, but they are muscular from years of ballet, so most of my weight is there. No saddlebags, just straight curved lines that lead down to my lower legs. A nice toned calf that begs for black, seamed thigh-high lacey stockings. mmmmmm. heels that accent and a small solid gold ankle bracelet.
Not much of a foot fetish person, just neat trimmed nails and soft heels.
I push up the sleeves of my shirts and see slender arms with practically no tiny hairs on them. How I love to see the skin when I perspire. My nails are natural and short. Creative people are like that I hear. Typing and physical work keeps them that way, but clear polish is my best friend.
My hair is champagne blonde with a slight golden shine about it. A bit longer then shoulder length and slightly curled. I remember how he loved to hold the back of my head as he kissed me deeply and slowly. I could feel his fingers threading back and forth in each strand. And I remmeber how I liked to brush it against his back when I would advance a simple back rub into a breast rub that would drive him to weakness.
My hand opens my shirt and I see a shaved cunt. Pretty and smooth mostly but there is a few light brown hairs along the middle that form a small curl. I love clean because I want to be ready for anything, anywhere and at anytime. I remember how he loved to watch himself as he teased me unmercifully as he rubbed his great throbbing cock along the outside, in between and stroked my lips. Then he would drop down and suck me till I would cum in his mouth.
I feel it now. oh how I want to release again.
As I close my eyes, my hands stroke my ass, pushing it up and down and open. I loved him there. We didn't make it a habit so it was sooo special when we did. So tight for me, so satisfying for him.
The light is low now. I sit in this chair by the light of my computer and think about him walking in and seeing me. My naked body hinting under the shirt. My legs slightly spread open. A wildness as I reach my hands over my head and push my hair up on top of my head with my hands, strands falling down here and there.
Would he take me there? Bending down and kissing my parted mouth as his huge arms encircled my tiny waist and lifting me up closer to him.
I want to feel his hardness pressed against my stomach, harder still on my mound and his hands..oh god..his hands all over me. Groping, searching and his fingers exploring. I want to push against his chest as he kisses my hungry pussy and I want to feel myself drifting away from reality.

Where is he? Where are YOU?

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2/1/2006 9:53 am

Standing in front of the mirror, my brown eyes are swallowed into the blackness of my pupils. The longer and deeper I look, the more an image seems to grow and come into focus. The feminine form begins to take shape and with each moment more details are revealed. I am left breathless as I see the vision of the woman who has touched me and moved both my mind and my body in a way that seems impossible. A connection so intense and memories so vibrant that I remember each word, each laugh, each touch. The tingling feeling as my hands explored your body and your passion enveloped me. Your smile. The taste of your lips. My tongue tickling you to orgasm and tasting your sweet nectar. Our sweat mingling as our bodies grind together in giving each other unbelievable pleasure. Moving position after position and usually succeeding but having a couple that left us both in laughter until the passion again aserted itself. The woman I should be with every day.

Its you. I need to find you.

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