Her fantasy, His dream  

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Her fantasy, His dream

She woke up in the night and felt a heaviness between her thighs. As her eyes tried to adjust to the darkness, she felt the sting of its bite. She grimced as she gently touch the lips. They were moist and warm. Her finger slipped in and was immediately engulfed with the sweet fluid. As she brought it to her nose, she could smell the musk and she fought the urge to taste. She didn't win. It slid so easily on to her tongue and she savored every lick. Yes, she did love her own taste. How she wanted to give it to someone.
He was laying there beside her. She could feel his heat as she lay on top of the covers. Naked to the world, she closed her eyes and dreamt that he rolldovered and stroked her curves. Ran his large hands over her stomach and down along the sides. His hands so quickly cupped each breats as he moved closer and closer to her mouth.
He was snoring. A smile crossed her face as she thought how to make his morning. She felt her naked body, turn slightly and exposed to his back. Ever so slowly she inched her way till just the tips of her nipples touched his skin. She lay there for a moment, waiting, all the while aching for more. Patiently she worked her body up and down as she stroked his back with her ample breasts. He moaned then and turned on his back. Still he didn't reach for her.
So she eased her hands and braced her weight on them as she descended down to the foot of the bed. Her hands gently spread his feet and she crawled up to meet his passion. It was warm and she could smell him. Like a hungry ravenous wolf, she lurched toward it. All she wanted was to feel in in her mouth. She knew she could take his head from its soft state to a pulsating, dripping, hot rod that drove him to a frenzy until he could stick it somewhere. In one of 'her" holes.
She brushed her cheek against him. Oh, he was soft. She loved him in that state just as much because then she could suckle his cock and press her mouth deeply against his abdomen. She could feel it grow in her mouth as she strained to take it all... ALL. She wanted to know that feeling again as it slid down the back of her throat. She loved gagging on it. His girth saw to that. She loved the foam that frothed around her mouth and onto her upper lip as she stroked and sucked deeply. She sometimes could see it run down his shaft. How that drove her to madness.
Her hair was flowing around him as her head rose and fell. He tasted so sweet. She just wanted to stay there all night.
But she had a goal. She wanted him to wake up and realize that his woman was sucking his huge cock and she was getting "exactly" what she wanted. He mentioned that before to her. "What a fantasy that would be", he said. Every man dreams of that.
He was beginning to react when she thought to lower her hips and rub her wet pussy along his thighs. She was teasing him. God how she wanted his sperm in her! His leg moved and she felt him pressing it hard into her mound. She was building into such a frantic mess. Her breasts were beginning to sweat as she felt the trickle run down between them. She stroked his chest with her hands and moved up closer. She laid her right tit on his mouth. She hoped he would suckle it. Think he was dreaming but in reality he really was.
She was shaking now as her whole body stretched out on top of his. And still he didn't move. What great power he had she thought. More then n hour had passed and she still had is hard dick in the back of her throat. So she got on all fours and lowered her drenched pussy with its open lips spread in anticipation on to it. As it met him, she felt the wall muscles tighten and contract on his pole. She was going for it all now. She needed to be fucked.Her hands stroked her heaving breasts and she rocked back and forth on him. The bed was starting to squeak and the head board was repeatly hitting the wall with each thrust of her pelvis into him. She was thinking how she was a regular fucking machine and God how she wanted to have a man that would let her.
He moved under her and she felt his strong hands on her hips. He gathered her up and sat her on his face. She held on to the top of the headboard as he literally sucked and ate her over and over and over again. The movement of his mouth, the twirl of his tongue; she dug her nails into the back of the board as she felt it about to burst. She was going to explode right on his face.
One more lick, just the right way, just the right place. If he pulled on that lip to the left, that would do it. Her body was contracting as she arched her back. Her breasts spread across her chest and nipples so hard, they stuck up and tingled in the open air. She wanted him in several positions at one time. Sucking on her tittys, eating her out, ramming his cock in her ass. All three.
A huge gush poured out of her. He was a beast now. Washing his face in her. And still she kept coming on him. His arms now draped and pinning her down on him. "Drink me" she said in a whispered voice.
The sun's rays hit him in the eye and he squinted as he muttered to himself. He reached his strong arms over to her side of the bed. Where was she? Over on the edge, he felt her familiar soft skin. She was breathing hard and he could feel the sweat. What is the matter?
As he raised up to rearrange the covers, he saw it. A small red stain. Had she hurt herself? He grabbd her now. "Are you ok? Honey, whats wrong?
Her sweet face. The tender mouth that was pouty and a little red along the edges. She smiled at him and didn't say a word. There was such a look of contentment and peace about her. He was confused. He got up and walked into the bathroom. As he was about to pee, he saw it then. There it was a small amount on him. Where was this coming from? Had he cut himself?
With the washcloth, he wiped it clean. The mucous strings gave it all away.
He had a woman last night, but it wasn't her. At least he didn't think so. What happened? His head was so foggy. As he lay back down in the bed, it was all coming back.
He HAD been with her.
Just like the first time.

She smiled as she turned toward him. His arms surrounded her like a mighty oak tree.
"You were awesome" is all that kept coming out of her mouth.

"I had the wildest dream last night" he said to her. She wasn't listening.. She had fallen to sleep right there in his arms.

He dreamed it; she would live it over many times. Just to make his fantasy come true. Just for him alone.

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What a fantastic writer you are! Thank you for that story.

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