Getting On in Age...Remaining the Same Inside  

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6/3/2006 12:17 pm
Getting On in Age...Remaining the Same Inside

This month I will be turning 50.

50...... Half a century.

I don't feel "over the hill" or like I am beginning to "push up daisys". Still, the very number starts to envoke ideas that the lines and wrinkles I see in my parents faces will very soon be on mine as well. I wonder how I will be thinking in 20-30 years. Will the things that I think are important or even semi-important be relevant?

Feeling 50. Its like having an outwardly disease; a deformity and realizing that inside is a whole other person full of life and vibrant. Beautiful even. That must be how The Elephant Man felt.

"You're as young as you ....... Fill in the blank. Lol! Ok.. how about....."think you are". Thats what I want. Thats what I try to live by.

At this point in my life, I should be starting to think about retirement or have some sort of plans for it. Well I don't. In fact, I am starting another career. I'm looking to go into the drafting field of industrial design. What a switch. I hate math, but loved geometry. Good thing huh. I am already a registered x-ray tech. I have an Associates and a BS degree in Graphic Design/Multimedia and enough business and marketing experience to shake a stick at. Am I unhappy? No not really. Just never going to limit myself to knowledge. One day I will teach. One day.

When I get some experience.

Turning 50. June 23rd.

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