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1/16/2006 12:42 am

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As I try to stay awake in preparation for the evening shift tonight, my mood seems to be shifting dramatically. Earlier this evening I was sad. While I gained a new friend, I lost a potential suitor. Damn, life can suck sometimes. So I went downstairs, grabbed a bunch or fresh cherries and proceeded to enjoy a delicate delight I reserve for times just like these. Six hours later, I popped in Animals by Nickelback and now I'm feeling alot better.
I updated my profile. Seems the host people have alot of problems with my graphic details of my fantasy's. Shame too. I had to down play them alot. All in all there is more to me then those. I have a very intelligent mind and I love to listen. Don'tr get me wrong, I love to talk too, but I want to learn more about you.
I have dreamed of my fantasy's many nights. Most have rendered me soaking wet the next morning, and it was fun while it lasted. When will I learn though. I get so tired of waiting. I came to this site in hopes of sexual escapades yes, but also for that chance it could be more, that there was someone out there like me looking for the same that wasn't married, playing games with themselves and others. I have looked at so many ding-dongs they have all become a blur. I don't think I have ever appreciated a face shot more then I have now! I mean is there anyone out there that doesn't know that there are other parts of their bodies that women look at besides, the abs, back and wizzers?
Call me different, even unique, but I love how the hair lays on the back of a man's neck. I like the strong tone of his hands or the softness of his mouth. God, you men have some gorgeous eyes too. I appreciate a man. He is a king in my eyes. And I treat him that way. No mistaking though, I've been around the block a time or two and I know how to keep a relationship fresh. Thats a huge beef I have. If you like ruts, forget it. I'm not into the missionary position all my life. I love dressing up in sexy cloths JUST FOR HIM. I want him to be secretly surprised. I have come on to my man dressed in a long black coat with nothing on underneath but a black leather teddy, black seamed stockings with garters and platforms, when he thinks we are going out to a fancy restaurant. I can eat anytime, but to give him that kind of unexpected surprise..well, it keeps my memory fresh in his mind and his loyalty and faithfulness close to his heart.
I have one question though, when a man has this type of woman, one that doesn't let age dampen her spirit, and challenges herself more and more each year in the gym, who seems to have everything they want, WHY, please tell me do they let it go?
I have had so many men tell me I am everything they could ask for in a woman and I am "every man's fantasy". So what is wrong with me then?
Do I love too hard? Do I unintentionally and unaware ask for too much? Are men like some women who only want what they can't have and then when they do have it they realize they DON"T want it? Hey, I'm not a famous Hollywood bombshell, but I have alot of things going for me. I have large green eyes and blonde hair that I keep on my shoulders. I exercise 4-5 times a week. (yes, I really do). I have a curvey figure like Rachel Welch and Sophia Loren. I am no Twiggy by anymeans and I am not big and beautiful as they call it. Geez.
I am endowed, naturally thank you. For that I thank God EVERYDAY! I am almost to the point where I am about to give up on men. If it wasn't for these damn Animal urges, I would.

So if anyone out there can enlighten me, please do.

sturdydude1000 55M

1/16/2006 2:16 am

Dont give up yet pretty lady!

thegrizII 64M

1/16/2006 6:24 am

I know how you feel, except it is the female sex with me. You treat them like they are a goddess and the center of your life and what do the do but shit on you. Maybe we both are looking in the wrong spot and need to take a look at each other. Take care and good luck.

smokeater0260 58M
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1/16/2006 8:41 am

Hello, I don't think that you are trying to hard, maybe the guy isn't trying hard enough. He realizes what he has, or does he? I myself would like a chance to be with a very sexy lady as yourself, and I would like to learn as much from each other as we could. Don't give up on the male speices, I guess you just got to keep giving them a chance that maybe this one will stay around long enough to appreciate the fruits of what you both have together.

davexxx11 66M
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1/16/2006 1:21 pm

NO! Don't give up on men. Maybe you just haven't found the right one yet. Just because your still searching, doesn't necessarily mean its you with the problem. Just maybe it's them. Commitment is a word most men have a problem with.....especially the older they get. I know, I'm one of them. But that doesn't mean I won't commit, I just need to meet the right one. I'd love someone like you. If you are every bit of what you say you are, I wouldn't let you go. Maybe we should meet.

bobster69 57M

1/17/2006 10:59 am

Life is what you make it. You have to life for yourself; evereything else will fall into place. If you first do not succeed then try, try again. I know this sounds corny but it is true. Meeting the right person is what we all aspire. Some of us, like myself, have not yet. We are always looking but some of us never actually see. When it hits us like a ton of bricks, we wish we would have noticed before. You sound like one hell of a woman. The man that let you get away is an idiot! Plain and simple. The only way to love is with all your heart. Anything else is not love.

I am a retired Navy guy myself. I would like to meet up with you someday. You sounds very interesting and very sexy. Spice between two people makes for a fun relationship. Drop me a line if you like.

By the way, I like your idea of a surprise visit in a long coat with only stockings and heels on. After picking myself up from the floor, it would be time for us to be on the floor

rm_joshnyadeep 66M
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1/19/2006 4:05 pm

do you ever feel as the mate you have shown all this passion,somehow feels he has nothing that he has came equal the gifts you placed before him? i know at some point in time a romantic such as i would have only one thing left to present to you. that would be ,to kneel down on both knees and bow at you feet.this would be the ultamate gift to present to you,to be humble in your presents!

actlikeanimals 61F

1/20/2006 1:37 am

Well to answer your question. I don't think I could bow before anyone. And someone bowing before me would make me feel so uncomfortable and unworthy. But I would definitiely ask, as many times as it took and I would constantly be looking for new ways to show it. Thanks for reading my blogs. I love writing. It helps me release these hunger panks inside.

JustAGuy8018 62M

1/29/2006 6:40 pm

When you find the answer to your question, please pass it on! I've been asking myself the same question for several years now. At that moment of frustration I simply add it to my library of experiences and find the energy to go on to the next, asking what it will take to make it work? I've had some great relationships and benefitted from them all, just nothing that lasts beyond a few months. I've decided it's chemistry, or a lack thereof. It has to be more compatible as the relationship gets deeper, if you want it to go deeper. Just being on the same page can bring compatible chemistry because expectations are similar. A long message to say simply, don't give up and don't compromise your values and standards in the process. You'll never have "chemistry" if you give up and settle. Good luck and best wishes.

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