The Fart Reaction!!  

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6/29/2006 1:30 am

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The Fart Reaction!!

I was involved with a man for eight years and throughout our relationship I always found it embarassing to "fart" in his presence. It was not after much coercing by him that I became comfortable in farting in his presence. Now, I could say that I am an expert.I would just do it anywhere with him and because he was also my teacher he would do it in class and then ask the class who was so rude. Because I'm aware of his tendencies, I would always laugh from a distance as his eyes would meet mine in class.

Some weeks ago however I was out with a friend of mine and this is someone that I've known for quiet some time so after a belly full of laughing and coming from the park I farted..... and the laughing stopped.He turned to me with a puzzled look on his face and asked "did you just fart?" and I turned to him trying to be all lady-like about it and I said well, yes I did.We just burst out laughing again. Now I can truly say I am fart liberated. I do it around all my boyfriends. You should try it. If they can stand your fart they'll be in it for the long haul.

Why is it that women/girls find it so hard to pass flatulence in the presence of thier spouse or friends? Do you find it uncomfortable to fart in the presence of such persons?

rm_popcorn_SL 41M

6/29/2006 2:03 am

I tought my wife the same Now we are naming our fart SBD's (Silent but deadly) or LAC (Loud and Clear) and beleive me, she is soon to master me

It's a Familly thing to, my grand mother use to say:
"Farts to pay their rents and have to be expulsed"
She was fart liberated

My Dad is making different tonailty with his farts,
My mum is a professional "in public" fart

And each and everytime, it is a smile or a laugh as a result

Furthermore, think about that, when you fart, and it stinks(sry), well, friends laught and leave, you laught, but guess what!, the only one not moving away from it it you!! proud of it

HeartlessBitch69 47F

6/29/2006 2:06 am

I was with my FWB one night, and we were talking and laughing after sex. (Still naked)And I farted. OMG I was sooo freaked out! He just laughed, thought it was cute. I have no problems infront of my girlfriends and such, but infront of him, it was a problem. lol

action819 38F

6/29/2006 9:48 pm

Dont be embarassed! Fart from my experiences brings closeness, beleive me.

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6/30/2006 1:05 am

phattpussyd 32F

8/9/2006 9:08 pm

Sorry to say but my pride wouldn't allow me to fart around my partner. Maybe after we were together for a while and i got comfortable with being around him then i would do it.

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