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5/14/2006 8:55 am

Ok, I went out shopping for Sting at Penny's for some fine lingerie, and underthings. It was the day before Mothers Day so their were a few other guys around shopping so I didn't look so much like a perv. Sheesh, it is tough to shop for that type of stuff, its almost erotic being in there, but I digress. I did find everything I was shopping for, dozen pairs of nice satin panties, half a dozen pairs of nylons, some nice combo items, but when I got to the waist cinchers I was lost. Not sure about the sizes of those things so I ask the counter gal, wow, that was fun. They must of been running a special sale for bras that week and there were dozens of women standing in line waiting to buy them, and when I asked the counter gal about the size issue for the waist cincer, she turned to the ladies in line and ask them for advice. I had 6 ladies from the line all around me giving me assistance, it was kind of embarrassing but they were darn helpful. So that was that, now I am waiting for a little warmer weather so Sting and I can go out on the town and she can put some of these nice items on underneath one of her short dresses and we can have some fun afterwards. Later, ac.

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