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There's a place in Cozumel that I love, I wish I were there now. It's warm and bright there, the water crystal clear. You've never been there, at least not with me. Our suite faces the beach, you're surprised because you can't hear the surf, but I'm not. The island is surrounded by coral of all types. We could snorkel right here at the resort but we choose to go to the national park. We drive in a little Jeep CJ with no top on it. It's not far, we're there in a few minutes. It's been a long time since I was here but it hasn't changed. Iguanas of all sizes are still displaying to each other, showing their dominance. They look like dragons to me. But I'm not here to look at iguanas, I'm here to see life in the other world, the one under water. It's early, 9 am local time so it's not too hot yet. We spread our our towels, rub sunscreen on and head for the water. It's a beautiful emerald green close to the shore and turns navy blue way out where it gets deep. I don't like flippers, you think I'm silly because you can get around in the water so much faster with them. I'm not here to zip around though, I'm here to observe. I jump in the water, put my mask on, slip my snorkel into my mouth. The water here is saltier than the beaches at home and I float effortlessly. You would think that life underwater would be quiet but you can hear the fish before you can see them sometimes. It's so beautiful. The parrot fish are munching on the coral, sounds like someone snapping their fingers. They have big teeth to chomp with. I take a picture of you with several of them in the background. You take one of me in front of the massive brain coral. Underneath a coral overhang we see lobsters, down here they don't have claws. I would love to take them home and eat 'em up but it's a national park so they're safe. There's a floating dock about 75 yards from shore. I'm getting tired and need to take a break so I swim toward it. My mask is kinda foggy and I see something under the dock in the shadow. It's a barracuda, about 4 feet long. It's OK though, I won't bother him and he won't bother me, we have an agreement.I climb the ladder, take my mask and snorkel off and lie in the sun. The gentle lapping of the water and the floating feeling of the dock mesmerize me and soon I'm napping. I hear you call my name and wake up to join you in the water. I put my mask back on and breathe through my tube. A school of hard tails comes streaming around us, they're light blue with yellow tails. Closer to shore the fish get smaller, lots of Sergeant-majors, black and white striped fish that are shaped sorta like a bream. There are some purple and yellow fish that are very small that I don't know the name of but I take a picture of them just the same. We swim and swim, looking and exploring the reef. It's shallow enough for me to stand up now. You come up behind me, wrap your arms around me and give me a squeeze. You kiss my neck, you know I love this and I melt into you. I'm getting sunburned, it's time to go. The sun is getting high in the sky. We gather our belongings and get in the jeep. You look at me and smile. I smile back, knowingly about what will happen when we get back to the room.

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Can I bring the sun tan lotion and the rum

Purry {=}


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Yes ma'am, please do!

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