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You ever want to blog, but you don't know what to blog about cause nothing great and wonderful has happened to you in the past couple of days? Not that this week has sucked or anything (could I be more facetious?) If my ER got any busier we would have to post a SRO sign out front. To top it off I worked in triage today and had a lil old lady with the chief complaint of bleeding from the rectum come in. If you've lost a significant amount of blood you will have a change in your vital signs from lying, sitting and standing. If you've lost enough blood, your heart rate should go up and blood pressure gown down. We call this tilting the patient. I don't have anywhere for them to lie in triage so I took her vitals with her sitting and with her standing (they didn't change much). As she's standing there and I am sitting, she's looking at the top of my head and she says "those sure are pretty white hairs in your dark hair." I thought to myself, she didn't say that, I know she didn't just say that!!!!!!!! But she did. I came home from work, called my friend Rocky and said do I need to dye my hair??? He said no, why, but if you do, make it purple!

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11/4/2006 7:20 pm

Hey, pal...

I have had blog days like that. Days where you felt like you had to post something, but you had no clue what to post.

But Rocky was wrong. You should die it gold to match the soul inside.


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