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3/3/2006 10:52 am

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Have you ever taken time, made time for your lover, made a special time that's all about them? This is one of the things I miss most about not having someone special in my life. You know I'm a nurse so my work schedule is not "normal." I like to do this when he's not suspecting anything, it's a surprise. Get the house all clean, wash the sheets.... I love my sheets, 600 thread count, you can't go wrong spending the extra money for them, lol. Anyway, so your sweetie has had a long day at work. You tell them to come over or perhaps you're married or live together, whatever. I tell him to call when his ETA is 5 mins, why he asks? I tell him so I can cook the rice, but that's a lie. It's so I can have the tub ready for him. I draw a bath with soaking salts in it, nice and steamy. I light the candles around the tub. When he called I told him the door is unlocked just come on in. SO he makes his way back to my bathroom. I point to the tub and say "In mister." He obliges. I wash his hair. I wash his body, making sure that special parts get really clean. I let him soak. I bring him one of the huge towels that I have straight from the dryer so it's nice and warm. I have him lie face down on the bed, I knead all the tension from his neck and back and work my way down all the way to his toes. He doesn't know it yet but under my clothes I have on the cutest bra and thong, it's his favorite. I have him turn over. I massage his temples and jaw muscles, down his arms to his hands. I rub his quadriceps almost touching "him" but not. He has his eyes closed the entire time. He opens them when he feels my hair tickling his belly and there I am in his favorite articles of clothing. I smile, he smiles. I ask him in a whisper what he wants but I already know. I kiss him and he says give me that mouth, please. I say whatever you want, it's all about you.

fantasylover_05 63M

3/3/2006 12:28 pm

I'll be there in FIVE MINUTES!!

Nice post!!! Even nicer idea!! Wish it happened to me!!!

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