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2/19/2006 3:56 pm

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I really hate being frustrated, seems I am that way a lot. I like control although it's a myth, a fallacy. I like to get my way, even though sometimes my way may not be the best thing that could happen.

I had a date on Friday, with the same guy I had a date with the other night. Everything went well till we got back to my house. Well, that's not true, it went as well as it could I suppose. I really like this guy and he seemingly likes me. Tonight was sorta "true confession" time so I had to tell him a lot of things about me that I don't tell the general public. He handled it all in stride, he's very non-judgemental. I wanted him, he wanted me but I refuse to have sex with anyone for the first time when "Auntie Flo" is in town. So, I went down on him, which is something I LOVE to do and I'm good at it. Now, here's one reason I prefer younger guys.... their thing usually works perfectly. They can get it up and keep it that way and fire at the right time. He had no trouble getting it up and keeping it that way, I just couldn't get him off. I've never had any trouble making someone come. It was frustrating to me and I asked him wasn't he frustrated and he said nah, sometimes it'll shoot and sometimes it won't. He asked if I were upset that he didn't have an orgasm and I was truthful with him and said I was. He reassured me that it wasn't my fault and while I know that, somehow it hurt my ego a bit. I have good communication skills, I always ask what I can do to make it better etc. I'm still a little upset about it.

I spent sometime with my male friend that I used ot have sex with and now don't and it's weird. I must just be horny. He spent the night and there was no sexual anything even though he slept with me and he was nude. I wasn't. I slept like a log though, I usually sleep better when he's here. I like feeling secure and that's something that I don't feel when I'm alone.

I am now going to cook for some members of my family and spend some quality time with them. Mac

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2/19/2006 5:07 pm

Hang in there.....

Purry {=}


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2/20/2006 7:36 am

Aww, thanks Purry. : )

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