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Teacher's Pet

The beeper on the table goes off, startling me. I look at the number, it's the scheduling office, evidently I have a job to do.

I call them, take down the information. I get the stats on the gentleman I'm to meet. I don't like them too old, I'm lucky this time, he's 30.

I'm a young, starving grad school student trying to pay my bills and augmenting my income working for an escort service.

The gentleman has requested a brunette, that's me. Someone with interesting eyes, me. Not too tall, definitely me. Big tits with dark nipples, but not too dark and not pink, me again. He also asks for someone who he can take to dinner and carry on a conversation, its me again.

I ask what I need to wear, depending on where he wants to go to dinner, I need to dress better than others. Tonight I get to wear the little black dress. The one that hangs in the back of my closet just waiting to be removed from the plastic sheathing.

I bathe, I had my legs waxed and my toes done yesterday. I was my hair and use that John Freida stuff that smells so good that people actually sniff the air when I walk by and I am not wearing perfume.

The dress is a strapless number, I wear this sexy push up strapless bra with it. It hugs my shape, clings to me, shows off my brick shithouse figure.

This poor guy won't know what hit him. I put on the garter belt, the thigh highs with the seams up the back, no panties.

I put my hair up but allow a few tendrils to fall, looking like they escaped. The ones on the back of my neck curl gently at the end.

My necklace has a pendant that disappears into my cleavage, drawing the eye there, I have these long, dangling earrings that make my neck look long and slender.

My legs aren't great, they're kinda short but in f'me pumps who cares and like he'll be looking at my legs anyway with all these boobs hanging out of the top of my dress.

I go to his hotel, go to the room and knock on the door. I'm surprised when you answer the door. You see, I know you, you're one of my professors.

You say in your Australian accent, "Oh dear, this is quite awkward." I say, yes and no. The term is just over, so it's not like I'm here to get a grade. We aren't dating, so the school can have little to say about it.

However I continue, perhaps it would be best if we didn't go out in public? Maybe just order room service. This is a five star hotel, you know the food will be to die for.

I can feel your thoughts, they surround what you "really" hand in mind tonight and now you aren't sure if you're going to get what you bargained for. I smile to myself, cause I know you will.

We look the menu over and make some choices, I really don't care what you're having to eat. I'm having lobster, I'll treat this like I would any other date set up by my service.

We've ordered, you ask me if I'd like a drink. I don't really but I'll take one cause you look like you need something to do. You make one for the both of us and then act like you don't know where to sit. There's a table and chairs were we'll eat and there's a couch. I'm on the couch. I ask you to sit with me.

I have had a crush on you for so long, since my freshman year. I don't really know why you're going through a service, women throw themselves at you everyday. We sit and make chitchat. I think my eyes are going to give me away, so I look down a lot and blink a lot. I smile shyly as you talk, only I'm not really that shy and the things I'm thinking aren't shy at all.

I lie my hand on your knee as we're talking and just leave it there. I don't move it. I make more eye contact with you. I'm feeling bolder. I'm thinking, Good God where is room service?!? I want to eat and have you for dessert.

Alcohol really makes me friendly, too friendly. This is one of the reasons I don't drink. I'm a very affectionate person and that's all well and good as long as it's with someone suitable. I wonder if you know what you're doing to me and how long I've wanted to just touch you. I doubt it. My hand is itching to wander up your thigh. I stare at it and will it to remain still.

There's a knock at the door, it's room service with the food. The waiter is my age and can't keep his eyes off of me. I wish you would look at me like he is. He leans close to me as he's putting the food on the table, I can literally hear him sniffing me. Surprisingly, you take offense at this, tell him to put the food on the table and leave. My face may look shocked but I'm smiling on the inside.

We sit down to eat. You pour some wine in my glass. I just don't drink and it goes to my head. The food is excellent as I expected it would be. You have lamb chops, I just can't do it, they're too cute. Giant underwater bugs, I have no problem scarfing down.

I'm being lady like and I stop before making a complete pig of myself. Besides, I want to save room for dessert. I wipe my mouth and excuse myself to the bathroom. I always have a toothbrush in my purse, I brush my teeth. Put more lipstick on, powder my nose.

When I come out, you're on the sofa. The alcohol is having and affect on you too, your face is ruddy. You have this silly smile that I've never seen before, I think it's cute and tell you so. You tell me that you think I'm one of the most beautiful women you've ever seen and then I know the alcohol has you. I smile. You touch my face, brushing my lower lip with your thumb. We're staring at each other intently.

I can't stand it any longer. I reach for you and give you a kiss. Oh my, you know how to kiss, I hope that's not the only thing you're good at. Your tongue is in my mouth and mine, yours. Lots of heavy breathing. I break the kiss, I can't breathe. I take one big breath and dive back in for more.

My hair is falling down on my shoulders, it feels soft and silky, you play with it.
You touch my shoulder then trail the back of your hand into my cleavage. Am I what you asked for, I hope so you reply. I stand up and say do you like what you see. You answer so far, but I'd like to see more.

I reach behind me, unzip the dress and allow it to fall to the floor. Damn! you say, you look amazing Elizabeth. Now it's awkward, I'm not sure what I should call you. You say, it's Scott. Thank you Scott. Turn round, if you don't mind. I turn.

Elizabeth, do you remember the time you were in the Cafeteria and that idiot from the wrestling team spilled his drink on you? Yeah, I was a sophomore I reply. I've been infatuated with you since then. I loved having you in my class last term. You're so smart and driven.

As you speak, I reach behind me and remove the bra, throwing it on the bed. All I have on are the stockings, garter belt and patent leather fuck me NOW pumps.

To be finished later...

ProtonicMan 49M

4/8/2006 6:45 pm

Howcum I've never gone out with a woman who wore fuck-me NOW pumps? What's the number for that service?


absolutelynormal replies on 4/9/2006 5:05 pm:
I think you have the number

docdirk 49M

4/10/2006 8:21 pm

I am but putty that wishes to be in your hands....

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

absolutelynormal replies on 4/11/2006 3:53 am:
Smiling at the thought.

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