Sexoholics unite !!! Stand proud and show your support !!!  

abitcrazy4sex 46M
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8/4/2006 4:29 pm

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8/6/2006 3:27 pm

Sexoholics unite !!! Stand proud and show your support !!!

well , i think if you have ever read through any of my blogs or my profile or seen me around blogland you must know i am a sexoholic , and proud of it ! i like it for breakfast , snack , lunch , brunch , dinner , and midnight snack.did i miss any meals here ?? something tells me its going to be prime rib tonight . dont worry , i get PLENTY to fill my needs no worries he he ! see you all around the blogs..or wherever .

lostmydrinkagain 45F
2272 posts
8/4/2006 5:12 pm

don't forget the rump roast, and an extra helping of horseradish...

abitcrazy4sex replies on 8/5/2006 3:38 pm:
i think rump roast is a picnic for us sexoholics !

lostmydrinkagain 45F
2272 posts
8/5/2006 4:52 pm

How was the prime rib?

abitcrazy4sex replies on 8/5/2006 9:37 pm:
tasty , to say the least

rm_cutechubby8 47F
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8/6/2006 2:39 pm

i think you've got it covered - just need more snacks!

abitcrazy4sex replies on 8/6/2006 3:28 pm:
snackings good , but the main course rocks

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