HELP ME !!!!!! I have lost my tongue !!!  

abitcrazy4sex 46M
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9/11/2006 8:20 pm

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9/21/2006 6:04 am

HELP ME !!!!!! I have lost my tongue !!!

oh wait , nevermind i found was buried in
My lovers crotch

lostmydrinkagain 45F
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9/12/2006 8:03 pm

ahhh, and how was your lover feeling about this?

abitcrazy4sex replies on 9/13/2006 6:11 am:
she wasnt complaining

JustASingleGirl2 50F
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9/18/2006 9:34 am

LMAO, that's too funny. Was the rest of you still attached to it or did she like it so much she kept just the tongue?


Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

abitcrazy4sex replies on 9/18/2006 7:06 pm:
she just kept the toungue handy till she was ready for it again...damn thing was missing again like 20 minutes later

rm_cutechubby8 47F
3428 posts
9/21/2006 1:33 am

Sounds like you've not only lost your tongue but your fingers too - you must be having fun as you haven't blogged for a while -

abitcrazy4sex replies on 9/21/2006 6:06 am:
oh no , i still know exactly where my fingers are but yes i am having lots of fun !

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