Sexy, not just a lack of inhibition  

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4/15/2006 9:00 pm
Sexy, not just a lack of inhibition

Costume play- not sexy

Foreplay- pure sexy


Because with costumes you can get lost in what isn't skin, what isn't the person underneath, what isn't sex.

One type of foreplay is the tender and sloppy sucking and licking of nipples and when taken out of the context of being sexual an observer is simply confused as to the meaning of the action. Foreplay only finds definition in being sexual so its a pure sexy.

Costume-play breaks a social norm that when I'm in this uniform I'm not supposed to have sex. That uniform for example could be a school uniform, police uniform, or business suit, etc. Costume-play is a bit sexy because it breaks down the walls blocking sexual thoughts when we make that first act of defiance.

For me right the costume is this time of the year. It seems a bit hard to get aroused this weekend by anything sexual. This costume will not unzip and therefore no action can happen for me.

Thats a bit poetic but its actually a personal note to help ponder some more for later.

Thanks for reading and comment/vote to your hearts content.

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