Come and go  

aascrompn 43M
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4/22/2006 6:32 pm

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10/18/2006 7:00 am

Come and go

Isn't funny how we have people that float through our lives? In RL, I have recently thought about all the people that I have neglected and actually forgotten as time has gone on (all thanks to the cell phone address book). It's really not very different here.

Lately, while commenting on other's blogs, I've noticed people that used to be regular readers of my blog. I must have either neglected them, or they got very tired of my common theme of bitching about my lack of a relationship.

I think it sucks how we humans do this, but I believe it's a growing process just like any other. I believe that we establish online friendships, but these relationahips, too, go through possible life cycles.

If it's because my content is whiny, I understand their leaving. I, at first thinking of this, got a little mad that they would just dissapear, but it's natural. Everybody gets tired of whiny people. However, I can't please everybody. I wish that I could (believe me).

How do you handle this? I've found myself going back to their blogs and leaving genuine comments, but it's hardly reciprocated. Should I consider this to be some kind of break up? lol - that's almost the way it feels sometimes.

Of the girls that I emailed my interest to (more to post about this tomorrow), I can see why they would stop coming around. I must've freaked them out. The others, however - some very, very good bloggers - must just be moving on to greener pastures.

How would you view this? Is this a breakup or are we on a break??

jadedbabe78 107F

4/22/2006 6:58 pm it irl or online....come into our lives for a reason. Some stay, some go, and some will reappear again. Whatever the reason why some left being a regular on your blog, maybe they felt you didn't need them anymore, if that makes any sense.

And as many people that some have on their watch list, maybe some just get lost in the shuffle, ya know? It may not be anything personal.

People are fickle.

And sometimes, there may not be a reason why they left, they just stop.

You're on my watched list...of course, mine is small and easy to keep track of my frequents. Plus, how could I not want to visit the midget man regularly?

Hugs to you ~ Jadey

twirly_girl 48F

4/22/2006 8:32 pm

I've lost touch with allmost everyone from my past. In some ways that's a good thing in others its bad.

I figure if they weren't meant to be in my life again, then we will reconnect at some point. Full circle kinda thing.

Congrats on being a calender boy.


catseyes23 62F

4/23/2006 12:49 am

I can only surmise that the more people blog, they receive comments from newcomers and probably put them on their "watched list" ending up with so many that they cannot keep up with all of them at one time.

I like to keep my list limited, so it is easy to read who has posted without having to plough my way through them all. BTW, you're on my list.


kelly402005 53F

4/23/2006 2:19 am

I hope you didn't feel neglected by me...... I did neglect most everyone, but Real Life did happen........
I do ......... whatever......
It's still happening, my Real Life.......... I think,,, could all of this being a dream? Fuck....... who knows anymore.
Take care.

Sorry man.

rm_truedom2 57M
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4/23/2006 3:06 am

Good Post.
I think it becomes a time thing. As we meet new people it's easy to become "all about them". Dating is time consuming.

LustyTaurus 49M
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4/23/2006 5:57 am

You're too whiny...LMAO

Just kidding...bloggers come and bloggers go...just keep doing your thing and enjoy it.


Lioness_girl 46F
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4/23/2006 7:32 am

I don't always leave comments on your blog because sometimes I just have nothing to say, but I do read you.

I have way too many people on my watched list. I need to tone it down, but I like everyone I have there. It's that sometimes I just don't have enough time to do what I want to do.

How could I be breaking up with you LOL ... you hardly pay any attention to me (pout pout)


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MWWwantsmore 52F

4/23/2006 8:49 am

I personally have not had the time to comment regularly I try to keep up with the blogs but its tough!

catseyes23 62F

4/23/2006 9:40 am

As an afterthought, Aaascrom. If one takes one's time to read your blog and comments on it, I only think the polite thing to do is to reciprocate. Otherwise, you will be left hanging! (Therefore lies your answer)


catseyes23 62F

4/23/2006 9:42 am

As an afterthought, Aaascrom. If one takes one's time to read your blog and comments on it, I only think the polite thing to do is to reciprocate. Otherwise, you will be left hanging!

I see you have not done that yet.(Therefore lies your answer)


ArtisticTwist75 42F
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4/23/2006 10:22 am

Some people are friends for a season and some for a lifetime and some for just a moment. I am often guilty of not commenting but I read everything you write and your words impact me.


frangipanigal 46F
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4/23/2006 6:47 pm

Geez, I go away to a wedding for a couple of days and you're telling me we've broken up!! What's a gal to do!! Glad "new one" is home safe and sound.

Chat soon,

Frangi x

zebra_buggy 32F

4/23/2006 7:23 pm


Kind of reminds of the chorus from Garden Party by Ricky Nelson:

But it's, all right now
I learned my lesson well
You see you, can't please everyone
So you got to please yourself

That being said, If I were you, I wouldn't change a thing.

Peace out, G.


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