love2look5854 69M/65F  
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7/8/2006 4:51 am

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5/30/2013 8:20 pm


Still confused!!!

While I(We now), as a member of AdultFriendFinder, and my own ‘member’, are thrilled at the prospect of meeting other like-minded members, who are seeking to satiate their sexual urges thru AdultFriendFinder, why is it that, we get an impression, after reading the blogs, the comments, the responses that have appeared on the AdultFriendFinder site, that there is so much reluctance on the part of members to really establish any contacts from the leads that are made availabe to them by other members. (please, put us in the right if we are mistaken)

Wrote that almost 2 years ago but still holds true. Many couples we are in touch with are yet to make that all important move!

I (We now) are a standard members, yet to post our photos and videos, yet to upgrade...but there are silver and gold members who can view our profile and seek us out,...even standard members can redeem their points to view our profile...

Since writing the above we have uploaded 20 photos...the response has been better but still...

I(We now)wonder what is holding them it our age(57)(59/55)...too old for it our background..upper middle class..or is it because our photos aren’t there or is it something else...

To some extent age does matter to some but our friends are from 35 to 48...the photos are there for all to see...

Let us assure you, we’ve an aura about us that make people to take notice of us...try us..!

Many of our friends find us a charming couple...we are not being immodest, are we our friends?

I(We now) are dying for some understanding male(s), females(s), couples to reach out to us...respond to our blogs( this is our second)...get our pulses racing...set up a meeting with us next weekend...sat..sunday !!!

We already have a wonderful circle of friends but we are thirsting for more..we can also introduce our friends to you...does that appeal to you?

Let us know how many out there are truly liberated, like I(We now) are!!!

C'mon don't just sit on the fence, you beginners!!!

It is about time !

Ya. Grab the chance!!!

rm_lonebrainiff 66M

11/1/2006 11:41 am

Well observed! Part of the reason is that people like us (upper middle-class, professional), at our age (50+) are trying to join a wholly-to-be-welcomed sexual revolution in the Indian middle-class rather late! The younger lot (30-40)wouldn't bother with us: Our types, nervously trying to release themselves -- before it is too late! -- from the inherited bondage of a very restrictive sexual-morality code, are too scared of damage to their "reputation", if they got "found-out" ( eg. I know u r Tamil-speaking simply from your handle name!)
The other part is the confusing mechanics of "earning points", "redeeming points", and other such site-negotiation that we really do not have the time for. ( At least I don't!)
Thirdly, one needs non-sex compatibility as well; otherwise one may as well go-in for paid sex -- it is easier to arrange! This other compatibility, particulary for upper middle-class professionals, is even more difficult to come-by!
So, aan magan, get in touch ( how? -- I too am only a Standard Member!) -- but read my location in my site-posted entry, very carefully, and you may figure-out a way! LonebrainIFF

hachan9 44M/42F  
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4/27/2008 8:38 am

Well observed but attimes its the fear of rejection which is playing on peoples mind
as belive it or not physical attributes do play a big role in our lives

love2look5854 69M/65F  
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4/27/2008 8:22 pm

the blog was posted in july that time my wife had not joined me in ID was aan_magan then...

lonebrainiff commented on it in november 2006, since then he has disappered; he also did not try enough to reach out...'get in touch, you may figure out a way'....he wrote...

since then the post has been updated a few weeks ago, the comments in red were added based on our experience since we both joined AdultFriendFinder

we appreciate the recent comments by hachan9...

it does not work that way...both have to reach out...why should one go out of the way...

we did not give up...kept trying and made our first real contact in end april 2007...11 months after we joined AdultFriendFinder...we now know intimately 6 couples and a few individuals...we have a number of friends in our network...who are shy and timid, including hachan, who are still unable to break their shackles and free themselves...

whether to do or not do continues to be their dilemma....

but that one step forward is what is required to make new needs courage and conviction...

one can always meet another for a cup of coffee, any harm in that...

chocolatenips2 53M/46F

4/29/2008 12:27 am

Well said!

There are two problems that I see here:

a. People don't seem to realise that swinging is a lifestyle choice: it needs a certain courage of conviction and certain changes in the way you look at the world and at society. Swingers are typically risk takers of some sort: if it was such a mundane thing, then obviously, it would not be so exciting and on the fringes of society, as it were. Swinging also takes some courage and a lot of confidence in yourself: after all, watching your partner (whom you love and about whom you are quite possessive) in the throes of passion with a relative stranger keeps sowing seeds of doubt in your mind. If you wish to be a swinger, those doubts need to be eradicated.

b. The second piece that I see (which seems to be a corollary of the first) is that people seem to confuse swinging with porn movies: where every guy has a monster dick and every lady has the most perfect shaved pussy and delectable tits. This, in turn, creates perceptions of inadequacy / insecurity (hachan is a case in point). The truth of the matter is that those who swing are everyday human beings and not porn stars: all of us (especially in our age category) suffer from the expanding middle line and imperatives of the forces of gravity!

Rejection or acceptance is not at stake here: what is important is the courage to step out and find one of your own.

Hachan's of the world: unite and rise!!!

rm_ghalib9 44M
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5/27/2008 10:28 am


i have just started reading blogs and your thoughts are very clear and precise, is it the maturity or the experience that makes u write like this.
anyway kudos to you to be so secure and so happy in whatever you are doing

i agree with hachan partly and you party

rm_guyluvs3sum 37M

5/29/2008 6:10 am

hi there.. i hv been a regular visitor of this site but didnt ever explore these blogs n othr topics.. used to b an avid SEARCHER .lol n Now im wondering why i never got into it before.. Really felt nice knowing different perceptions of ppl comin from different streams of life..but vid da same Purpose- LIVING THE LIFE KINGSIZE.. Kudos to AAN_MAGAN for portraying everything out here so beautifully .. Wud luv to b frienz ..what say ya ? Though , i strongly believe that Age is merely a piece of statistics ..what matters in the end is the Compatibility level n like my friend "lonebrainff" said there has to be NON-SEXUAL compatibility as well .. I completely agree with u guys ... Hope to hear from u ..lets meet up on any saturday n take this further ..

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