The new guy....  

aVirginBDSMsub 59F
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5/20/2006 11:53 am
The new guy....

I have been so busy lately with the new guy (and working) that I haven't had a chance to do any blogging. This is the first weekend without him as he has his two children because his ex-wife took the kids last weekend (it was his turn); he has to have them for the next two weekends. So the next weekend that we will be able to get together is June 3rd but we can't wait that long so he is coming down this Wednesday for the night. Even though he is very busy with work and meetings, he is coming to see me for he said that I am worth it and he can't wait until the 3rd of June!

During our talks last weekend, I found out that he doesn't get to eat much home cook meals... mostly hot pockets or resturant food. So he has a surprise in store for him this Wednesday. That day I will be taking 1/2 day off and making him a meatloaf dinner with the works. And then in the morning, an omlette for breakfast before he heads back home.

Last weekend was so great and so was he. I had to work on Saturday morning so he cleaned my house for me; and then when I got home, he said that it was okay for me to take a nap. (even though he promised not to keep me up late the night before, he did but i am not complaining by any means). What a guy!!!! We couldn't tear ourselves apart from each other before I left for work; and I ended up being an half hour late. Each weekend\date gets better and better!!!

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