Looking forward to the weekend....  

aVirginBDSMsub 59F
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6/15/2006 6:12 pm
Looking forward to the weekend....

The guy I am seeing was planning on seeing me this past Monday but his 17 year old decided to move in with him. He tried to call me and tell me this but I was in the restroom so I missed his call But in a way, I am glad that I did for what he said to me at the end of the message was well worth it. Lets just say if I don't know how he feels about me, I do now.

Several times he has made comments that he wished we lived closer so we can see each other more often. I wished that too so I looked into the owners of the apartment complex I live in and found out that they also owns some less than 1/2 hour from him. So I am willing to find me a job; and move there just to be close to him. We are talking about major moves: I have been at the job I am at for over 16 years (I have top senority in the department I work in); and I have never lived anywhere else except the Michiana area.

I can't wait til he gets here this weekend It is going to be a beautiful weekend. Then again, every weekend is when he is here even if it is raining.

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