romantic evening...  

LoranNurseCrook 48M
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6/24/2006 11:42 am

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9/17/2007 6:13 am

romantic evening...

After our "long hot day" we went to our room and enjoyed a cool rum drink and long cuddling refreshing nap. When we awoke the sun was setting and the beach goers were heading in to catch the night time action. We sat outside enjoyed another drink and watched the sun disapear. You started for the outdoor shower peeling off your suit as I headed out for more rum. As you stepped out of the warm running water here hanging with our robe was a tropical flower and a note saying "Cant wait until later..." Stepping inside to get dressed you noticed the entire room filled with flowers of all kinds along with candles and a another note attached to a sexy "lil black dress" in the note was asking to wear the dress pick your favorite flower and meet me outside on the boardwalk. Your eyes lit up when you saw a white horse and buggy waiting for you. We climb in and enjoy another rum drink as we tour the beach side. During the tour I see that you have hiked up the dress so I can see your lovely pussy glistening with drops of wetness. I look into your eyes, kiss you passionately as the summer stars start to shine.

We arrive at our destination to see a private bunglow on the pier set up with the flowers from the hotel with candles and table for two. We enjoy standing on the edge kissing and touching as dinner is served. During dinner you can see the excitement dance in your eyes, you cant even sit still wiggling and giggling in your seat as the romantic glow from the candles shows off your beautiful smile. Once the final course is served we are both laughing have a great relaxing time you start rubbing your foot up my chin then to my crotch getting to me to twich in my seat as things start to stir in my pants. I look up at you as you are wearing this naughty smile with these "who me" look on your face.

Once back in the carriage it is all about us. I tell the horseman to take the long way home. You grab me buy my shirt and pull me to kiss you as the night fireworks from around the beach light up the sky. We kiss for what seem like forever and I have noticed that you have climbed on top of me with your dress up over your sexy tanned ass. "you have been teasing me for hours" as you unbutton my shirt to suck on my nipples. "I want you right now" You said as you reach to unzip my pants and pull out my rock hard dick. I reach up to squeeze your hard ripe nipples. As the purples and reds from the firworks shine across your body as you start to rub your stiff clit on cock teasing us both. I feel your wetness as you increase your tempo on my cock, hugging and looking into each other eyes you tell me that "its building" as your body starts to stiffen. I reach down to hold you as your rubbing your wet clit really hard across the head of my cock. Just as the fireworks finale start you look into my eyes and i see the waves of your orgasm coming over you, your head swings back as I insert my cock into your wet spasming pussy filling you to the hilt. I feel your fingers gripping my shirt and hair and you pound me harder and harder. Wanting to scream you whisper into my ear "Oh god yes I have never..." and then BOOM!!1 We both explode into huge orgams as the last BIG finale erupts into the air. As we look into the night sky at the finale. I see beads of sweat rolling down your sexy chest.

We pull into our beach front getaway. I tip the man and he gives me a wink and says "Thanks for the ride, enjoy your evening"

looking4sunfun01 48F

7/1/2006 9:48 pm

Hay there.. I love your blogs,PLEASE don't stop writing them.. I love reading them. Sweet kisses..

mistressoffires 46F
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8/25/2006 1:47 pm

mmmyou are to sexy you ...ilove ..this...keep it up all im going to say


rm_silvia53 65F
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10/17/2006 5:00 pm

oh baby u light my fire

rm_silvia53 65F
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10/17/2006 5:04 pm

wetnhot is close to u. mmmmmmm bet she has tasted your juices.

looking4sunfun01 48F

11/3/2006 5:52 pm

I got very worked up & I like to read what you are thinking about.. THANK YOU SWEETHEART...
Sweet sexy kisses.. & THANK YOU.... I really enjoyed this one too..

Sweet sexy kisses..

rm_iceblue1967 51F
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1/18/2007 2:58 pm

mmmmmmmmm if you can write like that i like to know if you can do it to please let me know

LoranNurseCrook 48M

1/19/2007 3:09 pm

Well Iceblue I have no complaints so far. I think I can please a woman I always try to please a lady before myself. Im glad you like the stories I have a new one cuming soon!!!!

looking4sunfun01 48F

9/16/2007 3:19 pm

Hi there. When are you going to have some new ones cumming out.? You know that gets me hot,horny & thought of you doing it to me makes me wetter than you could ever know. Keep them cumming please. Bye sexy.

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