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_evileyedniceguy 50M
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3/21/2005 3:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Terry Shrivo

Is this story like horriffic or what. If I were laying brain dead for fifteen years I pray my parents and friends would be smarter of my wishes, good grief. Perhaps they are just so damn lonely they really want this sort of pittifull attention. Opinion: Just goes to show, in America it isn't the smartest, the bestest, or even the neediest. Plain and simple attention is given to those who can bitch, moan/groan, and complain the loudest!

CuntSlurpa 47M
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3/21/2005 6:13 am

That's the real question. Do her parents and friends do actually know her wishes, or does her husband. There are some who think the only reason he wants her "out of the way" is so he can marry again without going through a divorce.

Whatever the situation, it's certainly horrific. I personally would prefer to be allowed to slip away peacefully.

CriticalMass301 61M
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3/21/2005 8:19 am

When you are born into the world, you get a ticket to the freakshow (called life). If you are born in America...you get a front row seat.....

Kinkyguy425 39M

3/21/2005 9:22 am

Yea i think agree with you if i get what ya mean lol....Let the poor lady go, she is a veggie, i mean thats horrible to let her be like that for 15 yrs,thast cruel, and her paretns say with therapy she can get better,if she hasnt gotten b etter in 15 yrs she is NOT gonna get better..I Dont believe in god or religion cuz its a scam n a farce,But if there is a god i hope her parents go to hell for keepin her like this

geg027 38M
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3/24/2005 11:05 am

I think the worst thing is that people are using this difficult situation to make their own political capital. I think should the decision should be one made by the medical professionals and her family. Its a terrible decision to make and i wouldnt wish it anyone.

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