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5/19/2005 3:40 pm

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Today was a good day. Everything worked out just fine, and there were no mishaps or snags of any kind. No need to review what has already been set and recorded. No need to cry foul. This allows me a little bit of downtime; No further evaluation is necessary. I have but to wait for the next period that calls for my attention.

The box fan in the corner has massaged me with its perfect white noise, and the temperature has nestled into the perfect range of neither too hot or too cold. Only the sounds of Gin Blossoms and my own typing is apparent. It's downtime, and its "me" time. I get to prepare for the next event if I so choose, or I could just watch TV. But TV would be an intrusion upon this moment not unlike an angry badger filled with whiskey scrambling through a china shop. Yes, I think that would be pretty much downright inappropriate. The only other analogous feeling matching this physical feeling right now is of a few memories of when I was a kid. You know that feeling you get when the heat is on in the bathroom, and you are dripping wet and naked? A cool breeze blows across you, but the heat wafts warm along parts of your body. As a reaction, you get goosbumps, but not bad goosebumps. Nice, comforting goosebumps. The kind that lunge from your skin when you smell your lover slinking across the top of the covers, rubbing her naked flesh over your body while the only thing between you and her is a satin sheet. Is it the anticipation? Is it the mere sensation itself? Who can tell?

This is where I take a pause to think about that fantasy for a few moments longer....

We now take a moment to flip over to some Telepopmusik. Close your eyes, listen, and just breathe. Shut it all out. Feel, but don't touch. Let the environment do the work.

Brought to you by the number 7 and the letters R and X.


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