Beer and Bubblegum Wishes  

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6/2/2005 3:19 am

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Beer and Bubblegum Wishes

The title says it all, actually. It carries both stigmas of youth and age. This moment in time is marked by both beer and bubblegum, and probably a little bit more. The third element lies in the music: Duran Duran's first and self-titled album. I don't usually get into much pop, but 80's pop brings back a lot of memories. (I also have all of the 80's Duran Duran, and love that period in their music to this day.)

If given three wishes, what would I wish for? I would suspect that most everyone has been faced with a similar, if not exact, question. first, I would ask for the ability to pull out the exact amount of money from my pocket at any given time that equalled the amount needed for any purchase that I wish to make a the time. (This is for the purpose of paying my family's bills. It kind of goes in with the question of "What would you do with a million dollars?") Second, I would have to wish for freedom forever from disease, disorder, and any diabling condition of any kind including past, present, future, and conceivable ailments. Perfect health is what I'm talking about. This would, of course, include immortality of sorts as my body would never wear out.

The third wish is always the trickiest. I could wish for sex day and night, or the ability to make women want to suck me dry everytime they saw me. As wonderful as that would seem from a distance, I think I'll go with another choice. One must'nt offset any pre-existing wishes that were granted, ya know. My third wish would be to be the ultimate virtuoso in one thing that I liked to do with the ability to increase my satisfaction of that ability over time. This could be my love of playing guitar. This could be my mastery of any one of a hundred possible scholarly disciplines. This could also be something as simple as overall knoweldge and expertise with computers. The point here is personal enjoyment that far exceeds any expectation combined with the belief that what is true really exists.

But alas, that's the problem with dreams. I eventually need to return to reality. Ever wish you could step in and out of a Salvador Dali painting for a moment or two? Or perhaps jump into a sidwalk chalk image such as the one in Mary Poppins? I guess it's that insatiable child in me that wants to stay a child. I often wished that I could go back in time with the knowledge that I have now, and start my path over again. But a part of me doesn't want to spoil the fond memories that I have right now.

Ahh well, what can you do?

"All you need is trust and a little bit of Pixie dust!"



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