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We have often been asked what our secret was to staying happily married for over 20 years. Yes it will be 21 years since we said our vows before God and our loved ones. I will be the first one to say not all of the time was perfect..after all, we are human. But we made a lifetime commitment and like with all commitments it takes work. And yes the benefits way out weigh the work.

Attending college, both working odd hours, building a business, illness, having babies, family members and in-laws were all stress factors. Some days it would have been easy to throw in the towel, but T. and I worked through these issues and our marriage grew stronger.

A marriage needs work and routine maintenance to survive. And she's worth it. She was my best friend before we married and has remained my best friend over all these years. She is my support, my cheerleader, my sounding block, my nurse, my inspiration, my lover, my everything. Without her I would be a lost empty soul.

What I think is important to having and maintaining a happy marriage or any relationship..(not in any particular order)

1. Respect...each as their own person.
2. Communication...talk, talk, talk...
3. Kindness...let her hear the love in your voice
4. Sharing...everything from household chores to taking care of sick kids and no secrets
5. Laughter...the best medicine in the world
6. Commitment...putting her needs above your own
7. Patience...good things come to those with
8. Forgiving...and forgetting
9. Spontaneity...adds some spice from the norm
10. Affection...tell her you love her, show her (and not just sex!)

Every week, we set aside one night to "date". One week, she chooses the where, what, when and the next I choose. It's just her and me, no kids, no cells, no friends, no work. Sometimes it is a picnic on the beach, or a movie, or a drive...and then others a hotel room.

Well there you have it..our secret to a happy marriage!

and T..love ya babe!

over and out...Alec

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