Aching muscles...  

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2/15/2006 4:19 pm

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Aching muscles...

Oh what a freakin wonderful Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!

I'm married to one of the most fantastic romantic man alive. A couple of posts ago, I mentioned Alec was planning something different from our normal Valentine's Day dinner, wine and dancing... OH MY!! Did he ever!!!

Woke up to Alec leaning over me smiling and handing me a cup of fresh brewed hot coffee and a single rose. He kissed me and told me Happy Valentine's. He then said he would pick me for lunch. He went his way to work and me mine.

Lunchtime rolls around and in walks this guy asking for me..he handed me a message and another single rose..I took the message and rose. The message read ...

"T. I've cleared it with your boss about you not returning to work after lunch..and I greatly desire you to go with Joe (the gentleman delivering this message), he will bring you to me. A."

So I grab my purse and follow Joe outside, sitting there was a white limosine. Joe opened the back door and said Ms. T, I was instructed to blindfold you prior to taking you to the final destination. Ummmmm...okay Alec...just WHAT do you have planned? So Joe places the blindfold on me and helps me into the car. Let me tell you I was getting a little anxious...(did I mention I don't like surprises!? and yes Alec does know this!)

Finally, the car stops after what seemed like forever and Joe helps me out of the car. I ask if I may remove the blindfold and Joe said no ma'am, only Mr. A may remove the blindfold. Oh just great!! So I'm being lead by a complete stranger to I'm hoping Alec. So okay, now I'm starting to freak, right? What if this isn't Alec? What the hell am I doing? Just then I hear the bell from elevator doors opening and am being escorted in....OKAY...I AM REALLY FREAKING NOW!!

Where are we? Where is Alec? I REALLY NEED TO REMOVE THIS BLINDFOLD? I'm having trouble breathing.....DING! the elevator doors once again escorted by Joe.

Knock on door! Joe speaks..."Special Delivery!" I think Huh? WTH? Joe's delivering pizzas? Door opens and I am then escorted inside and helped into a chair. (I think!) Mumblings at the doorway...and the door is shut and locked. GULP!! I really hope this is Alec in the room. as I can hear movement and breathing in the room (and it's not my breathing, I've stopped!).

And then I smell it and feel it. And smile. And breathe! The tangy spicy scent of him, his touch, his sweet hot breath engulfs me as his lips touch mine, whispering Happy Valentine's T.

He removes the blindfold...and steps back. NOW is the shocker! is full of lighted candles, there are more roses in a vase, rose petals tossed all over the room and on the bed, serving cart with covered dishes, champagne chilling.....and there's a jacuzzi already filled with water!! I am absorbing all the details. Alec is standing there with a big grin on his face. And I smile back and say I very much like THIS surprise.

Alec lifts his brow and asked if I was hungry? *WEG* I tell him.."Oh hell yeah I'm hungry and it's not for food"...... as I pounce on this wonderful man....

Let's just say we both found muscles that we didn't know we had, thank goodness for the hot tub and massage oils. BTW we both called in "sick" today.....

Oh yeah, what a freakin wonderful Valentine's Day!!

I LOVE YOU ALEC!!! and next Valentine's Day, I get to do the planning!!


Sorceror07 55M

2/16/2006 7:57 am

totally freakin' awesome! outstanding job alec i salute you

i'm glad you both made the most of valentines day and had a wonderful time

rock on!

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