Why do Bikers get all tha Chicks!!  

__iminatedaginst 44M
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7/16/2006 3:41 am

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7/19/2006 1:56 pm

Why do Bikers get all tha Chicks!!

Stupid Pins!! Yeah ya heard me!! Ya think you're better than me just cause ya smashed up you're motorcycle??!! You're Not a Monkey, Man!!

For anyone who doesn't know who Pins is, he's the big scary biker who was in the hospital at the same time I was.

Both of us were juuust as funny. Both of us laughed juuust as hard.

But as soon as he left, all anyone could talk about was,..."OOOh that Pins!! My what an amazing person he was. All that pain, and still keeps a smile on his face"

I was laughing my brains out when I broke my leg, but did anyone say anything about me? Nooooooooo! Pins this! Pins that!

I never seen anything so pathetic!

All pins wanted to do was laugh and have a good time, but everyone would surround him, when he was helpless in his wheelchair, and say, "Bikers are good people!! Yeah yeah!! Bikers are people too!! All serious and sappy like"

Theeeey'de go on and on, kissin his ass, til finally I'd have to say in my grouchy old man voice, "Quit Suckin Up to Tha Biker!!"

I mean it was funny!! Pins let out a hard laugh. But do you think any of them did? Nooo! They all just bowed their heads in shame!!

Beats would walk around talkin to everyone about his "Biker Buddy"

But I don't think Pins laughed once about anything Beats had to say. (unless is was at him)

There was only one thing that bugged me about Pins! And that was his book of Exes! I mean sure, I could understand a couple pictures, with maybe the odd hot chick!

But when he shows me page after page of hot chick after hot chick....


Do I really have to smash up a motorcycle to pick up chicks?

I asked the other roadkill biker, who I'll cAll Nanny Moe, and he said..."Yep"

He said as long as they know he's a Biker, the women just throw themselves at him!!

OOOOH he's a Biker! Iiii'M dating a Biker!! OOOh lat lah! Look at meeee! I'm a girl!

But! But! I was a Biker! When I was thirteen!! I got fourth degree burns on my leg! I was laid up for a month. When they took the dressing off my leg every four hours, I screamed my frickin lungs out!

Doesn't that mean anything to you women?

I know what's gonna happen too!! As soon as Pins comes onto this site, all the girls are gonna be like, "Hey Liv! How's it goin man! Can ya help me get together with Pins?"

So I'm scared of Motorcycles!! Is that such a bad quality?

You would be too if you we're as accident prone as me!!


I'm gonna git you for this, Pins!

ShyWhisper2006 54F
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7/16/2006 4:22 am

*smiles*...Don't be so hard on yourself man....sure they may flock to the biker dude...all that dark and dangerous stuff...but really ...who do they end up with...but the mini van guy...look around...how many biker dudes do you see driving minivans ...you cant have a family on a hog...not enough room...*giggles*

__iminatedaginst 44M

7/16/2006 4:45 am

I'm not too happy with the minivan guy right now either.

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