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The CODE of the SCHOOL Yard

Rule#2:Always make fun of those different than you.
Rule#3: Never say anything unless you are absolutely certain that everyone feels the same way you do.

What was Rule# 1 Again??????

I find it odd, that people keep tellin me to grow up in the advice lines. I mean, I find it so hyprocritical it makes me sick sometimes.

Most of these people are meticulous about following rules two and three, yet these same people consistently break rule # 1.

It now appears that i am unable to post advice questions now so I'll have to post my last two questions here:

question 1: Ohhhh joker9125! Joker9125! Where Aaaare you? Where is that lil punk?

Soooo! Ya wannna go to war, eh? Anyone with a weak stomach better stay the hell outta my blog!

I mean how am I supposed to operate without being able to post questions like that? How else do I get people to come to my blog! Now Joker9125, after declaring war on me, can't even be notified of my acceptance of his declaration in the forum where it counts the most.

question 2: MORE DARYL THAN DARYL!!!!

I may or may not have recently seen a movie about a guy named Daryl, who really actually is Daryl, and another guy, who isn't actually Daryl, but looks more like Daryl than Daryl does!
Not that I look the least bit like Daryl or anything, but sometimes I think I look more like the guy who looks more like Daryl than Daryl does, than the guy who looks more like Daryl than Daryl! So here's my question. Will you sleep with me?

I really liked this question, and it pisses me off that the tattletail squad is too immature to allow me to express myself.

I've never reported abuse on anyone, so why do they keep goin Wah Wah on me?

Just what do they have against my questions?
Is the only way to be accepted in the advice lines to post the same lameass moronic questions they do?

Maybe I don't WANNA sound like a moron.

I'm nearly thirty three years old. Maybe I feel no need to ask for advice about sex.

So why can't they just accept me for me, and let me have fun MY way, and they can do their own thing, answering people as individuals. Live and Let Liv Live.

Why are they only happy when everyone is glumped together like a big glump of slop and all saying the same things, asking the same questions. As soon as you're not part of the big glump of slop, they try to cast you out.

If anything, the only reason anyone goes on those advice lines is to make their voice heard.

I'm sure half of those questions, people don't even need to ask! I mean when it comes to sex, what questions could you possibly ask that you can't figure out yourself! Doesn't anybody understand that what applies to one person, doesn't apply to another? Take "Does Size matter?" for example. Probably the most common and most retarded question. The obvious answer, of course, being "It depends on the person." Does that not apply for every aspect of sex?
Sex is a one on one topic, not a socially agreed upon set of rules and facts.

People just go there so they can try to tell everyone how much they know about sex. As soon as your question doesn't allow them to brag about what they know, they get all in a huff, telling you that this is not what the advice collumns are for, then they go back to the "Should I wear a dick extender" questions.

Ask your frickin girlfriend for Christ Sakes!

So far just about everything I have asked in the advice collumns have completely gone over people's heads. Either that or people are just agreeing with the person before me, who had my question go over their head.

I think it was my question about beans in which onlyfive claimed to report abuse on me for. I was suspicious that onlyfive was a little too smart to be serious about reporting abuse on me for asking a question about beans. I mean what would you say to the abuse team exactly. As a comical reply, I made a question saying "I think onlyfive is up to something. Report Abuse on him now."
His reply was witty and comical, as I expected, but everyone else, was like, "You don't like him cause he tells you how it is" and "We should report abuse on YOU"

Everything goes over everyone's heads, and they reply with hateful comments, so I reply back, and then they report abuse on me.

I guess I won't be able to post advice questions now.

It's really sad when the morons win.
I guess that's the way of the world, though!
It really makes me think about what Einstein once said, "great spirits alway face violent opposition from mediocre minds" Or in my case, "mediocre spirits always face violent opposition from idiots"

Was the Daryl question, really all that bad? Or the beans question? Or any of my questions?

I mean what are they doing in those collumns; trying to figure out an appropriate, specific, clear-cut method of having sex with the masses?

Einstein was pretty smart, but I think Mr. Burns said it best.

Surrounded by morons. Morons. Surrounded by morons.

Have fun in the advice lines!

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