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6/23/2006 11:44 am

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Just because I

Doesn't mean I have anything against nice people. Nice is a workable game. I've used it myself. Heck, I still use it all the time. I don't get much opportunity to be my TRUE self, which is a total dick, in the outside world, so I apologize for venting a lifetime of oppressed thoughts here, but thank the motherfuckin Devil, people are understanding, and this profile hasn't been removed yet, huh? (Knock on Woody)

Just so people know, if you're a nice type of person, and prefer to relate to people that way, I'm just as capable of going that way with a person, as I am of going the other way.

Say whatever the hell you want to me, either way. I'm in no short supply of responses, you sick motherfuckers!!!

Just try to be adult about things, and no matter how much I shatter you bastards hopes and dreams, just remember this, which is straight from the Man's Mouth...

The Measure of a Man is to wish you were invisible so you can spy on ladies.

Actually, I've never bought the album for some reason, so maybe I'll just shut my big fat mouth now...

Maybe, I'll pick on someone my own size...
See next post...

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