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6/23/2006 1:57 pm

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American Beaver

Hoppin to tha beat from the top of your Monopoly, ain't no Stoppin me, and if you were talkin to me, you'de probably see that the economy doesn't really bother me.

Cause I'm a vital piece of astronomy their gotta be alota me in common with you.

Cause I'm fillin my hands with all that I can but the heart that I hand is true. Who knew?

Everything ya do you do it for you, and I'm doing this all for me, so can't ya see?

I'll rock it to the top with every one of you dogs, but I'm not doin this for free, give it to me.

Papa don't preach but robin's won't reach what their mama don't appetize, capitalize.

Nigga know yur fine, your hearts as big as mine, but yur smile could be twice the size, so C'MON!

Stick around, nigga, define tha fine.
Nigga their's aline behind the rhyme.
And this time nigga it's time ta dine.
With a funky ass white trash contagious mind.

Cause I'm everything that I wanna be
I'm anything that a song can be.
And it doesn't really take long ta see
That there was never really anything wrong with me
Cause(damn I forget this line..real crazy rhymin here, once I'll get it later)

American. Not American. He's not an American.

Oooooh no I'm so ashamed...

aah it's bin awhile...

Somethin somethin somethin for this state I'm in, Imean phase I'm in...

(Damn, I had this one written down, too. Stupid Lynda Baxandall AKA LYNDA MACNEIL AKA BITCH LANDLADY FROM HELL WHO I BEAT IN ARBRITRATION, and then gave me a legal two month notice to rent to her family, and then offered to store my stuff, and never answers her door! Steal all MY stuff, will ya? God knows how many good songs are gone forever. Oh well. I can rewrite the rest later...

By tha way, PAM, sorry about tha pic. I couldn't find any other ones of you wrapped in an american flag. I'll make it up to you in tha next post...

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