Yeah i know I havent been here in awhile  

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7/23/2006 6:49 pm
Yeah i know I havent been here in awhile

okay folks i know i haven't been here in a while but this past weekend just took the cake. It started on friday when a lady friend of mine who i was seeing for a while treated me like a total stranger.
Here is how it went, I visited her at her job on friday mornin, we had talked for about and hour or so. It was all good and she had mention a band that was goin to be at this bar and said I should go and see them. I said that i may be thar depending on how my other engagement went.,
Well i went to the bar on saturday and once i got thar i bought me a beer. I saw whar she was sitting and bought her a drink and had it sent over to the table. I proceded to sit at another table. Cause i didnt want to a cad and just sit at the table she was at. Well she had aknowledge me for the drink. But other than that i was totally put on the back burner. It was not like i was trying to pick her up or anything like that. But the seating at the place was very limited and i was standing by the door when she and her father was on the way out I thought. He told me that he was gettin ready to go and that it was good to see me again. But she didnt say much to me at all. After her father left she was on her wa back to the table and all she could say to em was that she was glad that i didnt intrude on her table. Now tell me is the way you treat friends. I believe you should treat friends a bit better than that.
If you would like to leave a comment please do for i do read them and i will get back to you it as well. Just leave me an e,mail of some kind that i can get back to you with'

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