Just another day  

_TinkersDam_1 57M
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7/22/2006 11:10 pm
Just another day

Sometimes it is better to Love and let them go, but at the same time it is very hard to do as well. I have tried just about everything to get over some of the feeling i have for this one I care about. But it has not been easy at all. I just wished i knew what else to do. People say move on, but that is not as easy as they think. I have been making a bit of progress with it. but thatg is it alittle. With the job i have it is not easy to think about anything else with the job i have for i have plenty of time to think about a lot of things.
So to the one i really care about it you are reading this blog know that I do love ya and wil always love more than life itself. thanks folks for letting me vent a little here.

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