The torture of why  

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3/20/2006 10:29 pm

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The torture of why

Why is it after this long it still hurts,
Just someone mentioning your name is like a sweet torture,
When I see your name my whole heart is torn apart,
When I think of you with someone else it tears me apart,
Why did I push you away,
and couldn't let you in,
Why is it that I still can't move on,
Why did I ever give you the key to my soul,
Why did you have to be so passionate,
touching places of my heart, awakening so much,
Why did you say those forsaken words,
Why did you have to fall in love, changing everything.
Why couldn't you wait for me to admit I was in love too.
Why did you push for more than I could give.
Why did you sleep with her, right after sharing your heart with me.
Why did you give so much and take so much away.
Just tell me why....

"A life without passion is not a life; it is merely an existence."

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