whats the purpose?  

_Bound4Pleasure 52F
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7/15/2006 11:26 am
whats the purpose?

why do people feel the need to "call out others" to incorporate private chats, emails on their blog? Does it make one feel empowered?
I have always wondered about people who feel the need to bring public the acts of someone.
and then complain cause the other person "doesn't get it"
bitch and bitch.."i told him no. 6 times, but he kept it up, he deserves a spot on my blog of idiots....

I sit back and wonder...just who is the idiot?
You gave him 6 opportunities to say no.....HELLO ....Didn't Bill Gates supply you with an ignore/block/ key, or was that one of those upgrades I got? why waste your time, what in the world is this saying about you as a person?

only once have I used a name in here, Its not what I am proud of. It's not a practice I would get in the habit of, its rude and childish! Aren't we adults here? Can't we handle our problems in an adult manner? Bitch about them to your close friends, thats what they are there for....but to start posting screen names...
some are raising children, scarey since they have yet to grow up themselves....


7/16/2006 12:00 pm

What is scary is that you don't raise children, they already are. You are raising adults, now that is scary!

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