out of the mouths of  

_Bound4Pleasure 52F
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5/12/2006 9:48 am
out of the mouths of

innocent adults........
I guess my mind is so far out there, its almost pathetic!
back to a vanilla state of mind one day, perhaps not til i reach the nursing home, but until then..thanks to Ladies that I bumped into last night, I'll laugh the whole way there...
I went to Albertsons for the typical thursday 10 hour sale.
skippy peanut buter 78 cents for 18 ounces....
peanut butter is MY favorite!
extra crunchy, if u are looking for gift ideas!

I got to my PB aisle and there was none on the shelves, I was walking to get a rain check, when I heard a lady said "78 cents cant beat that"
so i turned and on the end cap there were many jars, of my favorite protein
I replied Yes very good deal. When she announced
"Between me and my dog, we go thru this stuff fast"
I moved very fast at that point, cause In my VERY dirty mind, I could not stop laughing!

hotmwm469 72M

5/12/2006 10:13 am

GOOD STORY...My dirty mind can imagine what she and her dog do (no pun intended) with all that PB...

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